The Troll Wars 8.0 - The Breitbart Cult Survives its Dear Leader

by: donkeytale

Sat Jun 16, 2012 at 08:12:27 AM EST

I confess to having had my eyes opened to the machinations of the right wing political blog machine, which is something of a tacit conspiracy of like-minded zombies. Unlike the left wing blog zombie political machine, which can't even seem to reach agreement on such simple things as the colour of the sky ("Sure, its blue, but it should be bluer, if only that dirty double crossing rat Obama was acting like a true progressive!").

Both sides of the Whiteysphere, it should be stated at the outset, have largely fulfilled the stereotypes this independent troll observer holds of them. That's a comforting notion, in a way. But it's also an indication that both wings of the nut gallery are entirely predictable, bankrupt of anything resembling innovative ideas, caricatures.

[projection alert]

donkeytale :: The Troll Wars 8.0 - The Breitbart Cult Survives its Dear Leader
Waves of conservative tweeters have descended upon Socrates, the lone wolf leftwing blogger who originally waged a one blogger war against Brett Kimberlin, a battle joined by Team Breitbart in the aftermath of Kimberlin and his associates fighting back against the very real and ethically challenged contretemps of Breitbart with respect to hoaxing Shirley Sherrod and ACORN. By the time Breitbart unveiled Anthony Weiner's weiny to an adoring public, it was full throttle game on.

By all accounts, Breitbart was a fair and gracious man in person, rather humble and likeable. Unfortunately, these are personal characteristics in this day and age that typically will gain you little out of life except maybe having the word "looser" stamped across your forehead.

And Andrew Breitbart was not a looser. He was a winner. And he won because his antics and his public persona were anything but gracious, fair, likeable and humble.

Socrates quickly became a cause celebre among the Breitbartians, who have been very fair in giving him his props for being the one leftwinger savvy enough to see through the donation schemes of Brad Friedman (BradBlog) and Brett Kimberlin. It appears that his relentless criticism had considerable impact on lowering traffic at BradBlog and possibly putting a dent in the endless fundraising efforts associated with election rigging investigations. At the very least, Socrates shed some light on a very untransparent side of the blogging game.

And he has steadfastly refused to put up a donation button at his blog, where, if he played his cards right, legions of his new conservative fan base would probably have hit the tip jar to the tune of tens of thousands by this point in the kerfluffle.

God bless my friend Socrates, for he refuses to play that game. Although as his Sancho Panza, I have advised him repeatedly to go ahead and play, and don't forget good ol Sancho on payday, either....

How much rake are all these blogging entrepreneurs collecting, anyway? Jane Hamsher, care to be the first to divulge?

None of our fucking business peons, just stfu and open your checkbooks to keep supporting our worthy causes.

One thing is made clear in all the volumes of blogging now spreading virally through the rightside of the Whiteysphere, from the Pattericos to the Stranahans to the malkins to the (other) McCains: you will see endless villification of Kimberlin but you will read nary a word of  criticism of the late Andrew Breitbart, who has reached the mythical status of an internet God.

How does that cleancut image square with the reality?

Not very well.

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donkeytale June 16th, 2012 at 5:12 am 1

Crossposted at Pffugeecamp, this time, just in case a member of the Hamsher Cult decides to delete this diary too.
And for the mods who deleted the last one without so much as a word of warning:

F you.


Blu June 16th, 2012 at 6:20 am 2

Good One Donkeytale.

From what I've read on the messageboards here there seems to be quite a few Brietbartians infesting this place.
The only difference between this site and Redstate is the blatant racism

I will be checking out Pffugeecamp


Yes, LauraJohn, if you weren't so tone deaf, and obviously desperate for a friend, Pffugee could have had all the links in as a result of the viralling of Troll Wars 6.66.

Instead, Hamsher got them all.

Why can't we all get along (0.00 / 0)
Dude made his mark on the world. Well-played, Mr. King. As for the Troll Wars, I am taking your lead and am going to ignore fairleft and anyone else trying to grab onto your coat tails. Brian the dude from FDL whose comments got scrubbed showed up at DFQ2. The more progressives we get involved in this all-important story, at least in relation to the few numbnuts dominating Pffugee, the better. Oh my, I'm surprised how Stranahan and Darby turned out. Brandon Darby is a well-known real life FBI sewer rat (see Turner, Hal). He and Lee are attempting a transparent coup of the Breitbart legacy. Strangely enough, and it's weird to be agreeing with some numbnut trolls, Darby sounds more like the swat called than Ronny Boy. Developing... haha, developing is the new bet on it. Bet on it.

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I'll be operating from a cell phone next week or so (0.00 / 0)
No not in hiding like the Other McCain, who is an excellent writer and more because he took me viral with TW 6.66.

I think my toned down Buddha schtick seems to be having an effect, as well. Noticed BK also linked and quoted my fine work. And then decided to tone down his schtick too after making complete hypocritical fools out of Stranahhan and Akhbar.

Also think you are giving Patterico too much credit for being a non douche. He looks like the dirtbag king in this to moi.

Way more opportunistic and exploitive than those you mention. I kind feel sorry for Stranahan and Nagy is clearly a minour leaguer too about on par w Dustin in the scheme of things...a member of the echo chamber is all.

I can't leave comments on DFQ2 from my phone and no, I'm not joining Twitter so fuhgeddibout dat. I'll be responding in this thread, unless Laura pulls a Hamsher bit.

Check out the current MyFDL diary by Athena1. Its current frontpage, a typical ass smooching of Jane Hamsher, of which there are many. Its notable because it links to a site called, which takes apart Hamsher's ugliness. Same blog previously totally annihilated Breitbart both while he was alive and upon his death.

This guy used to work with Taibbi. He's a troll's troll.

Failreft doesn't get any of it. Including herslef. You'll notice her in Athena's thread also kissing Hamsher's lily white fake left ass. Says all you need to know about that phony suck-up Republican,

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I'm actually getting ready to bed down in McCain's basement (5.00 / 2)
Dude's killing me. All he's got is Nintendo from the 80's. Though I'm not complaining about the handheld colecos. Those are still wicked awesome. And his nice wife made us some of that southern sweet tea, boy. I was kicking his ass at asteroids, then he belted out, "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

Oh man, the shite done got real. The Breitbart Empire is busting at the seams. I wasn't the problem. That is becoming obvious. The conservatives they have been dicking around to kiss their arses have had enough.

I am now beating on some former? FBI sewer rat named Brandon Darby. Hahaha, my cointelpro schtick sounded goofy at the time, but sure heck gee Wally, it's finally paying off dividends.

That's the one who along with Lee Stranahan are pulling off a coup to take over the Empire.

I agree with you on Mandy. I talked with her on the phone a lot. She's the one who sounds like she is 18. She's not very bright and is suffering from authoritarian personality disorder.

So while she's busy sucking off Brandon and Lee, the rest of Team Breitbart's goodwill from the right-o-sphere little people is slipping down the drain. Sure they have Ali and Malkin, but that won't get you a front row seat at the Super Bowl.

I have to hand it to you for sticking up for Brynaert in regards to the SWAT thingie. (Even if he ends up having done them #12AngryMen) I actually think it's more likely Darby made the calls, even though it is the bad guys theorising that. He sounds more like the caller than Ron, imho. I just want Ron to explain why we are not supposed to believe he works for BK.

Maybe fragile Ron got roped in the way Mandy has been smitten by her on the surface ideological folks?

Not sure if I'll have the time to check out the FDL stuff. I am kinda sorta turned off on them for good since they scrubbed your Troll Wars 7.777. But I'm not too disappointed. Now I have the exclusive on that at DFQ2. I thought you did a fine job with it. Very prescient or wtf word you were telling us to trust with your content.

Which leads us to Patterico. I am starting to see your point about him. Though I would like you to explain more why you think he might be King Dirtbag. I'm thinking the BK-Rauhauser story has been solved, but only thanks to us, Mr. McCain, and a small batch of others. So why can't Team Breitbart put self-promotion to the side and truly speak truth to numbnut?

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You'll have to wait for Troll court (5.00 / 2)
I have tons to say and blogs to write about a guy whose mom allegedly complained, "I don't want to be the mother of the Speedway Bomber," and then allegedly told her, "Mom, you already are." (Page 313 of a book I bet only Socrates and I even read in full)

And then definitely claimed - because we all heard it - "I don't know that" in a court room when asked, "And you were known as the 'Speedway Bomber,' were you not?"

But I'm not a judge, nor do I portray a real or lawyer with a fake or real name on the unreal but still fake Internet, so in my [at best, informed by "The Good Wife"] opinion, dirty, stinking lies don't qualify as perjury, especially, in my [ab,ib "TGW" or ibid] opinion, with regards to civil cases.

But I can't say that much, because the new anti-lawfare "I have a #WAR dream" Martin Luther King Jr. - who is "beginning to think [our crappy no-job creating POTUS] has a prejudice problem" - is suing me and two assholes I hate for $66 million dollars (unless I give him $20,000 in bitcoins).

I can refute every stupid accusation, but that will have to wait for a court room - if I'm ever actually served - and I promise you it will be legen "wait for it, doogie" dary.

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If it were me, I would've sued for $666 million (0.00 / 0)
My favourite number. What a joke. And he's complaining about frivolous lawsuits?

Worthing is like the basketball player who always gets whistled for retaliating. Dude can't seem to figure it out that when he's in court he's not there simply to develop new blogging materiel.

He'll be the one busted for violating SLAPP. Wait and see. Dude gets every call against him.

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Damn now we are back to giving ratings (0.00 / 0)
I can't remember Citizen K. With all due respect to Mr. Singer, I fast forwarded a lot to get to the juicy stuff. I mean, I could probably rattle off a lot from the recesses of my brain, but that would take a serious bong hit.

Ron's correct that it is very difficult to get a perjury charge in a civil case. But, the odds of that happening are raised significantly if the lies go to the heart of the case. This is why the best bet would be to have him charged for making he false police report on Aaron and/or see if he indeed still has a parole obligation.

I tried to warn Team Breitbart that the Maryland court was full of shit. But they were too busy suffering from authoritarian personality disorder to take me seriously.

I also think Ron will be ok for lawsuits no matter what. For one, he seems low on cash. (See rock, squeeze blood out of)

Also, Ron can just supply the emails from Numbnuts who provided him the info, wear a nice tie, and keep his cool.

The fundamental problem with this whole zeitgeist twist is that too many eggs have been put into the Ron as Satan basket.

I have been tweeting the #12AngryMen hashtag of late, but for good reason. You can't convict someone on circumstantial evidence. And this isn't some Mickey Mouse claim. If Ron were to get convicted of the swats, not only would he end up with lousy food, he'd have to suffer the indignity of a Wikipedia page dedicated to the shenanigans in question whether Ron made the calls or not.

There are one or two explanations I can see for Ron's somewhat, heck for sure, incoherent postings. Shite can get truly confusing once one dives into the world of internet convolution. (see Fuck, Brain)

As for Brandon Darby, I am not pulling this shite out of my arse. The dude has an incredibly stinky history. Talking major nutjob. And the proverbial sewer rat. Sure Hal Turner was a fun story. But come on. He was talking neonazi crap. Very obvious and mostly internet insulated though not entirely. Darby on the other hand was a major shitstain who pumped up impressionable lads ending with them making some homemade petrol bombs. The irony is he is now vying for second in command of the Breitbart Empire under Lieutenant Stranahan. (h/t Brynaert, Ron for the Lt. schtick)

So let's see. Darby got two kids locked up. One I think is already out. And now because he is a well-known sewer rat, he is apparently armed to the yin-yang out of perhaps justifiable paranoia of retaliation by those he fucked over.

I've been listening to quite a bit of him. There are actual movies and news shows on him. He has a tendency to roll his words or syllables very quickly. I hear that in the swat calls. There are also those bits where it sorta sounds like Ron, as in the surfer dude accent falls back into Ron's voice. So it appears someone was trying to sound like Ron, if it wasn't Ron. Keep your shirt on, Ron. Just doing some film-noir schtick to try to figure it out. So here is my theory if Darby made the calls. It was to pump up a story which should've been dead as soon as Weiner admitted he outed his wiener. And the two biggest idiots who would never let the thing drop were Patterico and Stranahan.

Now I agree with donkeytale Patterico is more interested in kerching than anything else. Or he'd have ponied up a few hundred so I could have made it down to Maryland in better time. But no way do I think he'd be involved in any law breaking. He may be an ass, but he's not an ass ass. Brandon Darby on the other hand fits that description. As does Stranahan. Ali is just another one adding to the confusion.  But anyway because I've gone on for too long already, so swats were made to pump up audience views for Breitbart. Then after he died, this is theory #12AngryMen, Stranahan went into full self-promotion mode. The Swat of Erickson made sure the thing would finally go viral.

Sure, the Patterico post was what put it over the top. Of course, it was Aaron who actually did all the heavy lifting, and myself too earlier yeah let's not forget it's always about me. But mine and Aaron's schticks simply weren't sexy enough. Well, mine was very sexy, but I am a no-name blogger except for my legion of silent majority lurkers. Anyway, then Stranahan Gump shows up with Everyboody Blooger day, and there you have it. Aaron getting arrested was icing on the Breitbart cake.

(Now I can't prove it, but of course we three know real people like reading us the best.)

So there you have it. The Stranahan-Darby coup has been cemented. Patterico and Mandy have gotten walked around by the leash. Keep in mind, Patterico has a real job. And Mandy as has been pointed out before suffers from extreme authoritarian personality disorder.

I will actually give Ron credit for being one of the first to point out Mandy stole my destiny. Though he wasn't the first. The Last Name Left from Wales saw that as soon as Nagy came out with her October 2010 piece. And to prove my point, I guess you'll have to take my word for it, before October 2010, I owned Google for BK results. Think Geraldo before Springer, Sally Jesse, and Montel arrived. Or Judge Wapner before Judge Judy. You get the point. I Absolutely owned Google. Akin to Chamberlain scoring 100 in i-pad keepaway style. I was on top of the internet zeitgeist before being on top of the internet zeitgeist. Or wtf.

Back then it was a lot easier to find all the available BK related links. I was shocked no one else was pursuing it. And because I was the only one, that's why the Numbnuts went full throttle ahead with their multi-personality supertroll smear job.

Good luck to anyone trying to find decent stuff now lost in a sea of mostly irrelevant, conservative banter. I wanted to say wingnut. But since meeting some nice conservatives, I'm not gonna go that route anymore. Plus, when the lights are out, I doubt any of us are there to talk politics with a tomato. Patterico has a liberal for a wife. I would definitely sell my political soul for a hot Republican wife, especially if she could tone it down and be fun in the sack. What was the question?  

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I for one am not throwing the Maryland court under the bus (0.00 / 0)
Had you simply shown up for court in the first place and laid out your case the suit likely would've been dropped and legions of internet addict would be deprived of the Troll Wars, in all its vainglorious manifestations.

So thanks for not being there. And thanks to Patterico for not coughing up the dough to get you there. But, srsly, dude, who made it his responsibility to give you anything in the first place? You really come off like a whine bag even bringing it up. Besides, it would have the effect of confirming your buttboy for Team Breitbart status for all time.

Likewise, the perjury thing is off base. If Kimberlin told a lie in court that led to you being harmed, especially convicted of a crime, ok that's perjury. I hate to break this to you, but I still have not had anyone to date satisfactorily answer my musical question:

Where are the crimes?

Where I grew up having the police come to your door with pistols drawn and cuffs shackling your wrists isn't really all that rare. And I didn't do nuthin neither, I tells ya.

Far from suffering harm, I see a lot of people having great fun playing internets for fame and fortune. OK, you aren't about the fortune part. Credit where due.

If I'm the Judge, I would have toSed the whole thing at the outset and I believe Md would have but you didn't show. Thank the Gods of Infotainment.

As for Stranahan pulling a couop of the Breitbart Empire, I'm not sure you have this one squared up either. Breitbart left behind some enterprises, of which he was not the sole owner, perhaps not even majority owner. There is that little matter of the $10 million PE investment.

Your sayin Stranhana has assumed control of the organisations?

About as likely as Fairleft admitting he's a GOP operative.

Or me admitting my DLC allegiance.

If you mean he's trying to suck off the teat of the bloated Breitbart carcass, OK. But he hardly seems head of the line in that regard. For that, I lead you back to Patterico.


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But Mister (5.00 / 1)
The handcuffs hurt to go with no food and sleep deprivation.  

Ok, I see your point. It seems you are saying sure, it's obvious money is the root of all civil law inequality.

So if I was rich, then I'd be the one who would now have a huge settlement against a number of people. Maybe Stack doesn't believe in lawsuits. I'd be pissed at him for Rauhauser apparently getting away with harassment. What he did to Mike was wrong, period. Give Neal a year, fines, suspended sentence, whatever, but cyber harassment should be enforced at least in cases like this, unless you want to be the ultimate hypocrite.

And I see yet again you dismissing the fact BK filed false police charges against Aaron Walker. I think he did the same to me, but we won't go into that. Because my arrest was more nuanced for your at times pea-sized brain.

Don't be forgetting when at DFQ2 you admitted, "I was wong."

Of course I meant Stranahan as sucking off the Breitbart boobs. You fuckfaces have been trying to spin me as a conspiracy theory freak for ages. What the readers need to realise about you is that for all your fine prose and insights, you're a broken record with being a contrarian.

It's really the only thing holding you back from true greatness, to go with a dash of sadism. No milk and cookies for you, son. Go to your room. We'll talk in the morning. And brush your teeth.

Yes, you win. Pattterico is a douchebag. If he can convict Ron on circumstantial evidence for crimes that would definitely lock him up for at least a couple years and maybe more, then how many other potentially innocent people has Patrick Frey sent up the river. Yes, fuck him and everyone else in Team Breitbart. Truly.

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Ah, you seem in rare form today (0.00 / 0)
I'm doing some contrarian work in that FDL thread yur boycotting. I also went back and re-read his epic Breitbart obit.

I think its called 'Mark Ames 1 Andrew Breitbart 0.'


[ Parent ]
Thanks for the triple post love siren (0.00 / 0)
I'm not boycotting the thread just have been very busy. Give me the link, I'll check it out.

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What part of "Im on a cell phone" dont tou get? (0.00 / 0)
Just cut n paste the ttitle of said article into your brauser, schnauser. Promise it'll be worth it. Then read the Hamsher saga there as well. Double riotousnesses.

Skip the firedicklake entry altogether. Unless you wish to see contriarianism at its most affable.

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Chill the Triple F out (0.00 / 0)
You needn't keep triple posting. Granted it was stupid of me to ask for the link when I can simply find your username at FDL. Anyway, I'm surprised you haven't picked up yet on the Brandon Darby FBI sewer rat story yet. It's big fricken news, and he and Stranahan are videotaping at OWS get togethers. Or maybe now that you're older and wiser, you've forgotten about your anarchist roots and are now kissing establishment ass. Haha, just kidding. You the man.

[ Parent ]
Mea culpa: the first triple F'ing was result of slow (5.00 / 1)
Loading coupled with inadvertant repeated thumb knocking on the send button.

The second tripling was pure schtick.

I cracked myslef up, so it was well worth it.

Plus, bonus comment thread stat padding.


As for the FBI tie-in with rightwing shenanigans, colour me unsurprised.

You should wean yourself off wasting your life onb Twitter and Socratise the MF'er, if you haven't lost your skills in all the adulatory pussy that's swamped you in recent weeks.


[ Parent ]
I am not worthing. I am not worthing (0.00 / 0)
Haha on the padding disclosure.

You are correct. Twitter socratisation doesn't come close to getting shite down on a blog post. (Though it's a good vehicle for providing links and making connections with good people, if one is able to limit interaction with evil trolls, not good trolls such as ourselves.)

Alas that's the itch, Horatio.

I am torn between writing prose and coming up with epic blog posts, old-school socratisation so to speak.

I've got lots of stuff in roughdraft form. I think I've got everything figured out. I do think we've hit a turning point. Your Troll Wars were extremely prescient. We are now in the post-Breitbart Cult manipulation era.  

[ Parent ]
I left a couple posts (0.00 / 0)
Nothing special. Thanks for the head's up. Yeah Ariana is a dirtbag. All these Netroot fockers suck. There was some dickhead at Huffington writing up a TBogg styled whitewalling of the Kimberlin thingie. In his disclaimer he explains how he did prior work with Velvet Revolution. F that.

[ Parent ]
What part of "Im on a cell phone" dont tou get? (0.00 / 0)
Just cut n paste the ttitle of said article into your brauser, schnauser. Promise it'll be worth it. Then read the Hamsher saga there as well. Double riotousnesses.

Skip the firedicklake entry altogether. Unless you wish to see contriarianism at its most affable.

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What part of "Im on a cell phone" dont tou get? (0.00 / 0)
Just cut n paste the ttitle of said article into your brauser, schnauser. Promise it'll be worth it. Then read the Hamsher saga there as well. Double riotousnesses.

Skip the firedicklake entry altogether. Unless you wish to see contriarianism at its most affable.

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Ah, you seem in rare form today (0.00 / 0)
I'm doing some contrarian work in that FDL thread yur boycotting. I also went back and re-read his epic Breitbart obit.

I think its called 'Mark Ames 1 Andrew Breitbart 0.'


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Ah, you seem in rare form today (0.00 / 0)
I'm doing some contrarian work in that FDL thread yur boycotting. I also went back and re-read his epic Breitbart obit.

I think its called 'Mark Ames 1 Andrew Breitbart 0.'


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OK, you have my permission to boycott FireDickLake (5.00 / 1)
But you should check out Exiled Online. Pretty great mainstream troll site. Anybody who pantses Breitbart and Hamsher with equal ferocity is OK in my book.

Patterico. Oh boy, what more can you say? How much is he raking in?    

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I meant (5.00 / 1)
If I was Stack I'd be pissed Rauhauser didn't get convicted of criminal harassment. The wording wasn't the best above. Kind of gets tiring dealing wih people with their own agendas who never seem capable of getting into any actual details but rather seem more interested in their own limited angles. So basically fuck you donkeytale for not having the decency to do a quick google on Brandon Darby. And oh yeah, Stranahan will be exposed too. Fuck them. They don't know who they are messing with. And then it makes me wonder, why are those two fucking with me. And that's rhetorical, donkeytale, because I'm not going to waste time with any of your predictable half-assed contrarian explanations which have nothing to do with actual facts. You think I have time for your internet games? I don't.

Dude, you arent actually dealing in "facts" as much as you are spreading memes (5.00 / 1)
Generated by rightwing bloggorhhea.

Just because some bloggers conflate Kimberlin and/or Rauhauser and/or Brynaert with the swattings and perjury and false reports doesn't mean the Police or, laughably, the FBI give two shits. They might have, y'know, more important schtick in their laps besides investigating petty victimless blogger games.

And tell that Other McCain dude that he apparently has never had contact with the FBI. I have. I gave background on a political corruption case that was so black/white obvious and eventually led to convictions but it took FIVE YEARS for the FBI to file indictments. They were meticulous in wanting to understand the details, and this was a lot less convoluted than the Troll Wars, and involved a lot more in the way of actual harm to taxpayers: millions in fraudulent contract awards.

Again, what are the damages here? For instance, what did Patterico lose and what did he gain? How about Worthing?

How about Bryaert and Kimberlin, for that matter, who stand accused all across the rightysphere while ther police aren't even investigating?

Don't troll me bro. These are serious hard questions,

[ Parent ]
I had edited something out of that last post and unfortunately forgot to rewrite (5.00 / 1)
It was supposed to be more fake anger at you as a gift rather than an actual meltdown.

I am starting to see your points better. It has taken me a while to figure out who are the best people to manipulate me.

Here's how I have turned the corner. It doesn't actually matter if Ron is guilty or not of the swattings for your schtick to be 100% fact.

For you're correct. Patterico, Stranahan, Ratboy Brandon Darby, Ali Akbar and Nagy are doing just fine, while myself and Paul Lemmen have been thrown under the bus.

How Team Breitbart was able to keep me in line for so long is this: The SWAT schtick did propel the story into mainstream zeitgeist consciousness. They told me to be patient. That things have to be done a certain way. That justice is on the horizon. It was pure lucy with the football and Charles Herbert Brown.

But with Ali, Stranahan, Darby, and Mandy throwing me under the bus and with no legal $ coming my way, I'd be a fool to keep toeing the line.

As for Mr. McCain, I will never have a bad thing to say about him. I found another of his Kimberlin File entries devoted to myself. Now why the triple f could he figure out my place in the story in mere weeks, while Team Breitbart has given me next to no props or much worse? And thank you too donkeytale for having watched my back. I'm glad your reporting on the story has not gone forgotten either, and I'm anticipating more Troll Wars entries in the future.

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Completely disagree on some (5.00 / 2)
A SWATing is not victimless. The police are the ones who are victimized...because there is potential something could happen. And other crimes etc could happen when resources are diverted.  

And I'm against stop-and-frisk and thought that Gates was wrongly arrested, so I think SWAT victims are victimized, too. But that's the way liberals should feel, not conservatives.  So it's kind of hypocritical in a manner as you and others imply.

Also, since Freys are Deputy DAs it raises level of crime..and it's ludicrous that prosecuting someone who does that to two DDAs wouldn't be a top priority for police, FBI or Frey's bosses. It's also absurd that the Associated Press and NYTimes have ignored these stories....and the SWATing of Stack is sexier since he was involved in it's strange that's left out.

And there should be zero tolerance for taking photos and grabbing ipads in court houses...both should have been arrested....and lying about what happened should be prosecutable...and both lied about it.

If I thought this shit was victimless I would have stopped pushing the media to report on this last summer.  I think it's a serious crime and I hope whomever did the swatings goes to jail for it. Sure as hell ain't me, though.

But, other stuff, you get right.

[ Parent ]
Ok, I suppose these are crimes and the swattees are victims of a sort (5.00 / 1)
I'm meaning by "where's the crimes?" where is the evidence and are we really expecting the police to go to all the time and trouble of sorting through the internet to discover who swatted Patterico, when he wasn't harmed?

Occurs to me that its rather ironic that I'm saying these things to you, of all people--although I understand that as long as there is no investigation the aura of criminality will be alleging you and nothing much you can do about it besides what, sue? Lawsuits are springing up like summer weeds in Texas.

So I understand that you probably would like to see this investigated at least as much as Petterico and Stack. Erickson clearly advanced his career with his so-called swatting that wasn't really.

[ Parent ]
Ok, here are a few questions (5.00 / 1)
What part of Aaron Worthing being falsely charged with a crime don't you get? How was that not criminal for a game of i-pad keepaway to be turned into criminal assault? How can you say what Rauhauser did wasn't criminal harassment? And please don't forget about the psychological trauma myself and Mike were put through. I shouldn't speak for him but up until November 14th, it was living hell. I'll also repeat something else I wrote elsewhere. Neal Rauhauser better hope we never meet in a bar or in public, because similar to Audie Murphy in No Name on the Bullet, I will seduce him into making the first move and then proceed to beat the snot out of him, all legal I might add. [/internet tough guy]

By the way, apparently this is BK flipping someone the bird who had been checking him out.

[ Parent ]
These aren't things for me or you to determine. (5.00 / 1)
The courts and the police will sort it out.

I'm not really up on what Rauhauser's criminal harassment is about. But I've always been leery of anything that happens on the internet in public view called "stalking" or "harassment." Courts already opined that stuff that happens on a blog cannot be considered threatening, since itsd not the same as a direct spoken, emailed, telephoned or texted threat. One can simply ignore and refuse to respond to a blog post I mean I guess. Remember Sabrina and Susan Something accused the three headed monster troll you/me/noom of stalking them, too? Absurd.

Psychological trauma? Yes. No doubt. But that's not really a crime either.

I'm guessing others could just as easily say you have inflicted psychological trauma on them, too. Is that a crime? Wait---Kimberlin did make that claim against you, didn't he?

What he get out of it?

[ Parent ]
As the kids say, the shite just got real (5.00 / 1)
I agree. As Judge Jordan would say, "Let's move onto the next question."

I'm going to avoid my usual adrian lamo attempts at humour.

I have made a total break off from Team Breitbart. I have recently been in contact with Ron. The dude is seriously in over his head, no doubt, or he's the greatest actor since Olivier.

He's got these emails, and they certainly explain a lot. But he has to worry about looking like an ass for publishing them. He also can't exactly talk on the net too much about a lot of shit, since there's a lawsuit against him in Virginia by Walker. There's also Railroaded By Internet without a trial for the swattings performed by Team Breitbart & the Herd.

I think everything has been figured out. At least most everything. But myself and Ron don't exactly have Dan Rather's private phone number. Katie Couric ignores my tweets. Ok, sorry I said I'd be serious.

Email #1:

This has been confirmed by Mandy as having been sent by her to Ron. She basically admits she once thought I quite possibly apparently probably worked for Neal Rauhauser.

Oh, isn't that special?

I'm done with Team Breitbart. They are full of shit. That includes Patrick Frey, Mandy Nagy. Lee Stranahan, Brandon Darby, Dustin F., and unfortunately even Aaron Walker. The problem is it's impossible to distinguish between who is an outright fraud from who is being manipulated.

All signs imho are pointing to Darby, Stranahan, and Frey with Nagy and Aaron being manipulated and Dustin being the 666 million dollar question. No, that's not a love siren to Dustin Flanders. But he'll probably show up anyway and start clogging this thread with his typical bullshite.

[disclosure: that was the equivalent of someone posting at a dumbass, moderated website that his or her post will probably be deleted. Usually that ends up evoking the opposite result. I do not want Dustin showing up to muddy the waters.]

Darby has called me a stalker and declared that the BK case against me seems to have had merit. Stranahan has insinuated I made sock puppet posts at Breitbart Unmasked. We all know how Frey has crossed the line with his public smearing of Ron. Even if we assume "keep your shirt on, Ron" made the calls, Patrick Frey has had no ethical right to publish what he did. Sue him in civil court, if you feel he swatted you yet also believe authorities don't have enough to charge him. Don't go making a zeitgeist run at Ron's expense. That imho reeks of defamation. #12AngryMen

Email #2:

I'm treading some choppy waters here with Ron. I don't want him to freak out and take his shirt off in public. On the other hand, I can't hold back on what he sent me hours ago for fear he'll post what I've been writing to him of late.

I'm. Just. A. Blogger.

Basically it appears BK sent Ron an email covering the hoax that says I am a multi-personality supertroll who didn't just start my cyber crime wave with harassment of himself. He told him about some douche from my weather mitigation days who also alleges he's been terrorised by moi. That's the same dude who BradBlog outed me to by giving him my real name and email address. It's the same dude I reported to my local police for having actually uhm cyberstalked me with an actual flood of unsolicited emails into said actual email account and actually constantly harassed me on the net which I have actual proof of. I'm not lying. This is all actual for real.

And uhm donkeytale, remember that dickhead named Billy Jim Bob or what the f*ck from a while back? I'm 99.9999% sure that's the same turd.

No, I am not being investigated across state lines by the FBI for anything. As I said earlier, I. Am. Just. A. Blogger. I do not do sock puppets. I do not cyberstalk. I do not defame.

Alison; My Aim is True

[ Parent ]
So what you are sayin is, Socrates and Brynaert are now the Starsky and Hutch of the Infoboobtubes? (5.00 / 1)
Can I be Rooster, or wtf the pimp snitches name was?

Or will I loose the role to Rauhauser?


[ Parent ]
Precisely (0.00 / 0)
Myself and Ron are finally driving the Troll Wars bus. You are Hunter Thompson. McCain is Carl Bernstein or something.

[ Parent ]
@Socrates Scribd document: (0.00 / 0)
Brett Kimberlin,
* September Term, 2011
Seth Allen,
* No.2392
* (339254)



Upon a review of the record it appears that the above-captioned appeal is from the

circuit court's order on the record denying Appellant's Second Motion to Find Defendant

Seth Allen in Contempt. No appeal lies from the denial of an interlocutory petition for
contempt.Md. Code, Courts Art., § 12-304.Accordingly, it is this  I  5day of

un'- 2012, by the Court of Special Appeals, on its own motion

ORDERED that the above captioned appeal be and hereby is dismissed.



Now, please take my advice and thank Aaron Worthing for his help. He paid a high price and deserves as much. I may have criticised him for his courtroom demeanor and shenanigans but he deserves better from you. He also deserves his own vindication in court. I can separate Worthing from Patterico and advise you to, too.  

@Socrates Scribd document: (0.00 / 0)
Brett Kimberlin,
* September Term, 2011
Seth Allen,
* No.2392
* (339254)



Upon a review of the record it appears that the above-captioned appeal is from the

circuit court's order on the record denying Appellant's Second Motion to Find Defendant

Seth Allen in Contempt. No appeal lies from the denial of an interlocutory petition for
contempt.Md. Code, Courts Art., § 12-304.Accordingly, it is this  I  5day of

un'- 2012, by the Court of Special Appeals, on its own motion

ORDERED that the above captioned appeal be and hereby is dismissed.



Now, please take my advice and thank Aaron Worthing for his help. He paid a high price and deserves as much. I may have criticised him for his courtroom demeanor and shenanigans but he deserves better from you. He also deserves his own vindication in court. I can separate Worthing from Patterico and advise you to, too.  

You're an idiot, donkeytale (0.00 / 0)
Aaron Walker wasn't my lawyer and had nothing to do with my case or the fact it closed. He had absolutely nothing to do with it except for sticking his nose into it. Not one bit did he influence any outcome of it other than turning it into a money making circus.

Before you condemn me for having attacked Ron, keep in mind I never thought a public prosecutor would have lynched a man without proof. Ron was also an ass towards myself. If you haven't noticed, we are just about the only freaking ones in the whole blogosphere with a clue what is truly going on. The convolution is piled on vey thick. Please be more careful nex time when mailing in comments. There's something extremely fishy going on, and Aaron Walker is right in the middle. Yet you kiss his ass like any other Breitbot.

[ Parent ]
This is turning into a masterpiece (0.00 / 0)
My new one is going better than expected. I'm in maximum warp factor tidy mode. I'm cutting out diction and attempting to not repeat myself. I've settled on, "Is The Breitbart Cult Involved In A Hoax?" for a title.

[ Parent ]
BTW, I think some of your clearest, best writing was the DKOS Connell hoax thingie (5.00 / 1)
Even though we both know its all about you (and me, since we are the same) your schtick will always get bogged down when you (me) make it overtly about you (me).

Just sayin.

[ Parent ]
Yes, inducing Larisa to wet her pants at DKos... (4.00 / 1)
was probably the highlight of this whole sordid mess. By the way, I have made a transcript from the January hearing, the one in which Aaron freaked out afterwards and grabbed the I-Pad cause... he alleges he thought it was some sort of explosive. Haha, and for that kind of nonsense, that's why I'm thinking Walker is either a a con artist in cahoots with the rest of them or fricken insane. Anyway, it will be a nice post when I get done with it and a fine addition to Troll Wars history. Yet, you already know this, since we are the same supertroll.

[ Parent ]
Walker: Insanity through Internet Addiction (0.00 / 0)
But the con game works too.

Altho, to be fair, there is nothing illegal about donation whoring on either side of the fence.

You find it distasteful, but then again, you have a guaranteed roof over your head and a trust fund to sustain you.

Does this mean that if the US ever became socialised we would become of nation of Socrates's?


I guess it's a better alternative than a nation of Stranahans.


[ Parent ]
More donkeytale prescience against the CW: Obamacare largely upheld (0.00 / 0)
Only part deleted in Medicaid. States cannot be forced to accept the increase eligibles (and the expenses) altho most al should and probably will, since the Feds will be paying the freight for several years at least.

Will be interesting to see how dumbbell Rick Perry overreacts to the ruling....he's an excellent bellweather for Tea Party stupiditt in governing....


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