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Dad's records | 65 comments
Back in the 80s, living in LA with my 2nd wife, and hating it, we used to escape (0.00 / 0)
once in a while to Vegas, making the drive through the high desert, listening to loud tuneage all the way across the vast emptiness.

None of us were gamblers, but we were aficionados of American popular music (my 2nd wife was a former pro who toured as back-up singer with both Tammy and George in the mid-70s) and (me only) heavy quantities of alcoholic beverages, which were free if you gambled and cheap enough at the bar if paid for them, which was my way. Much cheaper net to net,if you abstained from gambling and paid for your own liquour.

Often, we would stay at the Tropicana, which was this monstrous (for its time) high rise hotel complex  on the western edge of the Strip not too far from UNLV and the airport.

One night around midnight me mum and me found ourselves enthralled by the lounge act, which at the Trop was located smack dab in the middle of the casino. We found an empty table near the center stage and listened to the band wail, the lead man on sax, a "showman," who also liberally sprinkled showbiz patois and reminiscences between blasts on his horn.

Who is that guy? I finally asked mum.

She looked at me as if she had raised me wrong.

Thats Sam Butera....used to play with Louis Prima and Keely Smith. He's been playin Vegas since the 50s.


Twent years later, my daughter is in college and living with me in Texas, when swing music somehow makes a comeback and overtakes the hipster music scene in Denton.

One nght I come home from work and there is mum, probably 70+ at the time, my daughter and her boyfriend jitterbugging their asses off in the living room.


My daughter looking at me with eyes popping euphorically out of her head.

Grandma is good at, I mean she is really good at this.


You are becoming more and more indistinguishable from Liberallah (4.00 / 1)
You two really need to get a room. I ask for your insights on the latest brouhaha in Florida, but all you have is stale music and easy beatdowns on fairleft.

I guess you can take the blogger out of the Kos but not the Kos out of the blogger. Ye are all so fricken boring when you turn this into politics.

Donkeytale, you truly are a fun dude to read. But you need to get back to where you once belonged, with Loretta.

I had my first full flurry on Twitter. Omg, it's truly a pain. People all end up wanting a piece of you. I made a few comments on the Florida thingie, and now Mandy's boyfriend is all over my ass. He definitely thinks Don Zimmer the rent-a-cop was innocent, that the kid unfortunately got what he deserved. Fuck that shit. Fricken Florida is a nutty state. This confirms it. They think this is the wild, wild, west where everyone has a gun, and as long as there is so-called self-defense, there ain't gonna be any hanging.

This is what Florida needs to do. Many politicians believe every kid should be given a laptop or whatnot. With Florida's gun law, every kid needs to be given a gun and target training tutorials. It looks like a fat fuck face rent-a-pig is gonna get away with murder. It looks like he wasn't expecting a kid to be able to kick the snot out of him. It was akin to that Raiders of the Lost Ark schtick. The Middle Eastern dude had some kind of Northern African ninchocks or wtf they're called, so Indiana Jonesing drew out a gun. Yeah, it was big laughs for ethnocentric, racist America. But it was fundamentally unfair. Fuck Florida. Fuck them hard is what I sez. I mean, pass a fricken federal law to outlaw that concealed carry gun law. That was murder I tells ya.

I'd love to hear your insights but am probably stuck with you and Liberallah smooching away, with Noomie piping in once in a while with his spittle running down the sides of his mouth schtick.

Not much blogging time of late. I dont find the case all that interesting, altho it does confirm the inherent racism infecting the US of A-holes for all time (4.00 / 1)

Marshall Dylan there is obviously deranged. He looks like a steroid addicted neanderthal. No ther way to view this:

Hate crime with the potential for a linsanity defense.

Shirley, the looser will walk, thanks to everyone's perenniel fear of black men, but he will in turn be hounded and possibly meet his own violent end someday under similar stalking circumstances. Karmic justice will be served, if not actual legal justice. And two or more people will have died violently where there was no reason for anyone to die in the first place.

Ain't it America? [truley stale song alert]

The old tunes I post are mostly as repository for my own listening pleasure. I don't really care what you think. I understand that you don't get it. Music isn't really an interest of yours.

The Nancy Grace love, I hope was meant to be ironic?  

I happen to dig liberallah and her musical schtick (excepting the Eurofascist techno disco Btendency, which is just....boring, but I confess that I am a rhythm and blues purist so perhaps I am missing something profound simply because the music doesn't sweat--but thats just me)

Surely, she is every inch the raving, psychotic Nazi cunt she appeas to be, but lets face it, aren't most chicks when you scratch the surface of their femalinity?

(SEE ALSO, Grace, Nancy, for details)

Later. Out.

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I didn't mean much of that (5.00 / 1)
I simply missed you, ya big galoot, so that's why I threw out the love siren.

I was off the net for about a week. There were maybe 15 posts made here during that time. It's looking like the fall of the Pffugee Empire is imminent.

I agree with everything you said. This is a case of one murder being given the over-exposure routine. Though, it does have a lot of important themes compared to say when the whitey girl got killed in Aruba.

Aaron's being very cool about it. He started a hashtag called #TeamDueProcess. Mandy's boyfriend, on the other hand, is trying too hard to defend the killer.

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Well, my lack of interest is more in the open and shut nature of the crime. (5.00 / 1)
I haven't followed that closely only because it is obvious Zimmerman committed manslaughter, at the very least, and that it was of course racially motivated. I suppose the defensive reaction of the conservative half of the AmeriKKKan equation is the real story, but alas, it is entirely predictable. Tragically predictable.

There needs to be a revolution in this country. Instead, there will be a rightwing coup. Maybe its a two-part process.

Google Jean-Luc Melencon. We need one of those here, not another lifeless drip drip drip like Ralph Nader.

As for Worthing, what do you expect out of wingnuts who also backed the absurdly racist profiling done by those two jackasses Breitbart and O'Keefe?

Because the victim was black it becomes a hate crime. Pyrrhiod. This is such an open and shut case its ridiculous.

Zimmerman is clearly one twisted dude, obviously in a different manner than the twisted Dutch dude who killed the chick in Aruba. However, his actions resonate favourable with millions of elites and wannabes, which is why he still walks around freely. What a travesty.

But isnt the Dutch dude now captured for a similar crime against another dead chick whose corpse also coincidentally had his finger prints all over it?

Apparently, he couldnt deliver it to the sharks in time to dispose of the evidence, like he allegedly did with the first victim.

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Correction: "allegedly" killed the chick in Aruba. (0.00 / 0)

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You nailed it (0.00 / 0)
As usual, I am late to the current events party. Though party is the wrong word to use. A kid was murdered.

I am Charlie Brown with the football. Dustin is the only right winger even coming close to showing some objectivity from Team Breitbart. Mandy's boyfriend is all in for Zimmerman's corner. Mandy does her gair and balanced schtick, but it's obvious she is a wingnut. I love her silly. She's now showing some cleavage on her twitter avatar. But she is no ipenminded libertarian. She's a wingnut. It doesn't mean she's a criminal.

Christ on a crutch I tells ya. You've nailed this story.

And Roseanne Barr is going nuts from the other side, apparently tweeting Zimmerman addresses or fake addresses and family info, then retracting and apologising, but not before ripping into the editor of Breitbart. Talk about stale toast coming from both sides.

I haven't a clue about the Aruba thingie, only know it was one of those thingies, like OJ's slow-mo escape from 97 piggies on the LA Freeway, or the nanny, or freaking you know what I'm talking about. I am so glad I am off of cable tv. I may be inept inept now to converse with the kooky Laura on current events. But it's a necessary evil to stay out of the convolution loop.

Though I will say, this latest one has obvious historic significance.

Man, I don't know that cat you mention. Maybe you can throw on a link or next time explain a bit more like you did with Neal Cassidy sorry for spelling if off how he was the true brains behind Kerouac.

I've an idea for a new blog entry. I'm just not too interested in current events, politics, or much of what goes on for internet chatter. I saw the inside of some of those Providence mansions for the first time. I want to call my next one White Elephants.

I enjoy philosophy. I enjoy taking ho9merun swings at big picture reality. I'm not quite sure wtf people like Roseanne and Mandy think they are accomplishing. It's not that I'm middle of the road in between their two extremes. I believe in peace and socialism. But I realise nothing I whine about on the net is gonna make a difference.

So I do what I do like you do. Write because it's fun. Sometimes it's mailed in. Sometimes it's not too shabby.

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Oopsies (0.00 / 0)
Meant Newport not Providence mansions.

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ok. i took a swing thru the rightysphere and (4.00 / 1)
Noticed cryingwolfe hasn't posted since Breitbart died. One would hope they might draw some karmic lessons from his demise wrt his insane creepily racist dishonesty of the Sherrod and ACORN BS (altho seems unlikely given the nature of the rightwing response to the cold blooded murder of Trayon Martin) but wtf happened at TCW?

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They are all Breitbart (0.00 / 0)
You're completely correct. Those people are no different from fairleft, with just a different brand of tunnel vision.

I don't even know what that means, the "I am Breitbart." Is that from the ad a few years back, "I am an American?"

I guess it says it all about the right wing when Breitbart is dyan cannonised, while they can't find a candidate to back. Fricken gas prices are going through the roof. I am terrified Romney might slip in. The dude has some kind of milk and cookies schtick that Whitey America sops up.

They were wrong about Acorn, Sherrod, and their collective responses to the Martin murder says they are never going to wake up from their dogmatic slumbers.

I think the crying wolfe dude is following advice from Team Breitbart to button his yapper, maybe to hold in bulletin board material for opposing prosecutors, investigators (FBI?) and whatnot. Rauhauser is wanted in New Jersey. One of the teanuts he attacked a year or two ago has made a complaint in another state.

The internet predator doesn't know when to stop. He definitely hasn't stopped attacking me. Apparently I now weigh 250 pounds and am mentally disabled. Uhm, no and no.

Hopefully he is put on trial soon for criminal harassment. I'm thinking of reporting him too, then that would make him a wanted man in three states. He just never stops.

And of course it's now obvious he has nothing to do with Anonymous and OWS, unless it's the fake version of those groups.

What do the kids say? We demand a better supertroll show?

I'm all for free speech, but what he has done is very criminal, imho. Crying Wolfe and Patterico got swatted. Was that a coincidence with the predator's hoax? Even if he wasn't involved with those, I bet they wouldn't have happened without his incitement. Then there's all that other crap about Project Vigilant, UberTroll, Manning connections, etc. and blah, blah, blah. Well, at least it appears the only one who believes in the predator now are himself and his sock puppets to go with a few other psycopaths we won't name.

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Apparently he was a likeable dude, and had lots of liberal buddies too (0.00 / 0)
So, I'm guessing he was all about the schtick to make a buck more than an ideologue. If anything, his pranks like Limbaughs mostly made Team Wingnutz look, well, nutz.

But the Sherrod thing especially, was blatant. How can that be rationalised? You're right, that is mass delusionality on a Reftian scale.

Even Dustin rationalised the Sherrod scam? Tell me it aint so....

True, it all amounted to a prank on the NAACP and the Obama bureaucracy but I gotta believe he was fixing to get waxed in court by Sherrod, who suffered great financial and reputational harm as result of his intentional deviousness.

Maybe he planned on getting it to the Scotus Clown Show.

In a way I hope the SCOTUS rule against Obamacare. Love to see those fatheads tank in public opinion too. Is there a better rallying cry for Demotards than the need to pack the court?

Just think, Bush's two selections make all the difference. Romney would already be mortido en la agua without the Superpac dinero courtesy of the Injustice League.

As for Rmoney, as he's now misspelled, he is a classic sociopath. At the end of the day we'll probably be told he has Asbergers as an excuse for his sociopathology..

Have you ever noticed that only white people are allowed to have Aspergers? If you're black or hispanic the diagnosis is: drug addicted criminal.

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I wouldn't bet against your analysis (0.00 / 0)
There are certain folks we hear rant, and you gotta figure even they don't believe what they're spewing.

So I wouldn't be surprised if it was all an act by Andrew Breitbart, the modern equivalent of Morton Downey Jr. kicking it up a few notches to increase ratings.

There's that Stranahan dude. He's the one who put MeSoc in one of his movies many years ago. He used to be Mr. Liberal. But Breitbart took him under his wings, and now the dude is yapping about the evil that is liberalism. Talk about an obvious, self-serving, cynical 180 degree selling out ala Huffington, Hitchens, and MAMZ.

I don't know what's up with Dustin. He appears to be the most openminded and logical of the bunch. He's the only one from Team Breitbart saying Martin deserves a fair look. The others have been 100% backing Don Robert Zimmerman. Maybe by chance Dusty Baker will see our love siren and help clarify some of this stuff.

Oh man, the SCOTUS thing is so very important. We are still hurting from all those Republican dominated Presidencies. It could have been even worse if one of those Repub choices didn't turn out to be a fair and balanced dude.

Friggen Clarence and Scalia, omg, how the heck can dudes like that ever get in?

And Romney, it can't be forgotten that he is a Moron Mormon. Yeah a lot of us know what's up with that cult, but too many are quick to dismiss that stuff and think others are being discriminatory against a religion.

I think Obama should definitely question Romney on that. Though it could backfire, if too many folks are braindead and don't want to reflect on how insane the Church of Latter Day Saints is.

I hear you on the asperger's. Another grouping that never gets considered as such are women. It's because they are peer pressured to be quiet and dainty or something.

And I'm not buying that the internet predator has that. It's more like a stupid attempt to have an excuse for being a sadistic ass. And the other thing is those with asperger's don't lie. They may make mistakes like anyone else, but when they are being outspoken and perceived as rude, they are doing so from the vantage point of sincerity.

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Ask and the internet provides, even if it is 90% likely to be BS: here is a multiracial woman with Aspbergers: it must be true, she has a diagnosis (0.00 / 0)

Wondering if that diagnosis makes her eligible for a medical marijuana card in California?

Has there ever been a more self-defined affliction in the history of the world? How much has the internets spread "understanding" of this condition?

Are you fucking kidding me?

As for Fairleft, not sure if she has aspbergers but definitely shows symptoms of being an Ass burger.

[projection alert]

Smoking weed has definitely helped my understand, if not alleviate my own symptoms.

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OK, maybe she doesn't have a diagnosis. Her link is broken, thus no proof (0.00 / 0)

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If it's not on Wikipedia.... (3.00 / 1)
then it hasn't been confirmed. [{-:)

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More Rauhauser crap deleted but saved (4.00 / 1)
This is reminiscient of the stuff found through

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I have to confess, and speaking strictly for myself here, but Rauhauser non-news bores me (4.00 / 1)
Maybe when he gets busted or beaten up, or murdered, or gets his teeth fixed, I'll pay attention.

Until then, he's just another dude on the Blvd of Broken Dreams, pretty much more or less like the rest of us internet trolls, perhaps a bit more "menacing" is all.

Now, whats up with Rona these days? Dying to know who is menacing him these days...


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Dude, don't call him Rona (4.00 / 1)
He calls that's gay baiting. His new target is Dustin. I asked him to do his rapid fire schtick against all those dumbass BradBlog hoaxes from over the years, but uh no go. Methinks he is receiving a paycheck to supertroll the net on behalf of fake lefties.

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Yeah (3.50 / 2)
Unfortunately it appears he has convinced a few people.  Pretty surprising he can manage that, given he's so well known as a smear artist.

But that's life.

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This is how I see it, Dustin (5.00 / 1)
There's no way to prove one way or the other whether Ron is a delusional supertroll or paid to post.

The only people they convince of anything are random folks from e.g. OWS who stumble onto the convolution.

Then Team Breitbart has a conniption and starts doing the same thing Ron does by attacking those people, by presuming some guilt by association. Simply because they tweeted to someone from Team Numbnuts.

I wish you guys would stop interacting directly with them. They've been exposed. In fact, it's better to let non-righties respond to their shite if anyone. Sure tweet the sincere people who are asking questions but don't have a clue. But be extra gentle. Assume they know nothing.

People are wired to react to Liberty_Chick one way or the other depending on their political views.

Ron, imho if paid, has the role of muddying the waters. The internet by its nature is about web surfing and ending up on the other side of the planet for topics from where one started.

I've been guilty too at times of responding directly to a numbnut. I recently tweeted a bit to that dude. He says the reason he made up stuff about me was because of the stuff I wrote about him a couple years ago. And my schtick on Ron from way back had only a tangential connection to any of the current stuff. Ron is not a reporter. He didn't uncover anything about Weinergate. He's a paid fake or a lost little child.

Dudes like us have our own dogmatic slumbers to contend with, but at least we come up with links and facts that transcend our personal views. Hopefully donkeytale can find the time to respond and debate you on the Sherrod and other thingies. That could be rewarding to all of us who are into the truth. There could be some form of dialectic. I think you both are easy to talk with, even when we disagree. That's my 14 cents.

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You're right (5.00 / 1)
"I wish you guys would stop interacting directly with them."

There's a lot of sense to this.  I do try, believe it or not.  My character flaw is that I have a hard time just sitting there and letting even stupid lies be told.  Often it's better to not dignify the BS.  I realize to many readers, if there's an argument that must mean there's some real controversy or even some truth on both sides.  Rolling one's eyes is probably more effective and it's certainly easier.

"Then Team Breitbart has a conniption and starts doing the same thing Ron does by attacking those people, by presuming some guilt by association."

I try to avoid this.  Plenty of people fall into the promise of a Great Example Proving the Evil of The Other Side.  Then when I point out who they are agreeing with, they generally vanish or offer a very lame false equivocation.  Intellectual honesty is practically non-existent.

"There's no way to prove one way or the other whether Ron is a delusional supertroll or paid to post.  [...] He says the reason he made up stuff about me was because of the stuff I wrote about him a couple years ago."

He is quite a piece of work.  I can't wait until these other folks explain.  I figured this would have been explained six months ago.

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No one really cares about this as much as it seems (5.00 / 1)
I tweeted Queenofspain a bit, but as of today she hasn't responded. People get set in their ways. She is a liberal. She noticed an asst. district attorney from her area is a big-time right wing fish in a small pond blogger and decided to pepper him with questions.

The other side became suspicious of her intentions, because the third party internet predator(s) are geniuses at sadism and pushing buttons. Thus a probable well-meaning newbie was imagined as perhaps being a useful idiot or even member of Team Numbnuts.

We have to assume that not only do most people know nothing, they like it that way.

Ron and the internet predator exploit how it takes such people too much effort to figure out things.

I actually think they are not as interested in getting new recruits as it seems. I think they muddy the waters on things we are knowledgable of for two reasons. One, they are trying to throw us off our games. Secondly, by turning easily understood events into confusing chaos, the focus is returned to an us versus them, libtard versus repukelican surrealism. The problem is the naive and weak thinking are often incapable of recognising such illusion.

Then it becomes much easier for fake left and fake right to manipulate the good-hearted but naive to cough up rmoney. If folks realised that 99% of the internet is full of hoaxes and irrelevant blathering, both donations and ad space would quickly dry up.

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My impression (0.00 / 0)
My impression of Queenofspain was that she was only accidentally promoting BS.  I tried to go easy on her.  It got really annoying towards the end, though, mainly because she was unwilling to admit error.

She also was radically unfair in her appraisal of that initial post of Patterico's, which she called violent because I guess someone told her it was so (LGF).  

But she wasn't trolling and she obviously had no idea just how twisted the plot really was.  She was a perfect example of what you're talking about with the chaos resulting in stupid boring partisan bickering that means almost nothing.

This shit is not a partisan issue.  These sociopaths... by and large liberals aren't like that any more than conservatives are.  It's kinda the point of having a world view that you wish to help society... you aren't a sociopath if you care about others.

I should refer these people to your DFQ2 blog next time this comes up.  Maybe that will be helpful, but I think most folks don't care enough.  As soon as they realize they aren't scoring partisan points, they aren't going to stick around and write an epilogue about how wrong they were.  They are going to move on to the next issue they hope to score points with.

It's very noisy.  I'm a bit of a hypocrite on this.

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yup (0.00 / 0)
"Even Dustin rationalised the Sherrod scam? Tell me it aint so.... "

Yeah, that's true.

I think I actually am harder on her than most righties are.  

"I gotta believe he was fixing to get waxed in court by Sherrod, who suffered great financial and reputational harm as result of his intentional deviousness. "

I never really understood this view.  She did make that speech.  There's no evidence Breitbart didn't post all that he got of the video, and as soon as he was told there was more he posted it.  And that 'more' did not actually show the confession segment to be untrue... just that she was more interested in a different war now (a class war).

Breitbart got the time of the event wrong, but that was also corrected.  It doesn't seem malicious to me, but apparently we just have totally incompatible views on this.

"As for Rmoney, as he's now misspelled, he is a classic sociopath. "

He's something else.  I wouldn't trust him to keep a promise or anything.  I think he's basically a more disciplined version of Nixon with a similar ideology (or lack thereof).

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Breitbart was acting in the capacity of editor of a professional media organisation. You do know that he solicited and received $10 million from venture capitalists for his web ventures? (5.00 / 1)
He was 100% responsible for the content he posted. He was  also responsible for its further dissemination to the mass media (Fox News) which caused the viral uproar.

At least O'Reilly had the decent common sense to offer a full apology to Sherrod. Whether to protect himself and his network, doesnt really matter to me.

This was one of the clearest cases of defamation I have seen. Maybe a judge/jury will determine the case in Breitbart's estate's favour. Bad verdicts are endemic in a corrupt system. The case is still ongoing, I believe.

However, your argument that he acted in good faith or was duped is unconvincing. Even if that was the case, it merely proves his incompetence and unreliability as an editor, while still leaving open that he had other motives, which very likely included increased publicity, fame and fortune for him.

And I don't believe the defamation case relies on his actual knowledge of what he was posting as much as it does on his competence as an editor, which you imply was poor. As a professional media editor he has a duty to vet the material before he posts it. Ignorance is not an exuse.

The tired, shopworn twenty years old Rush Limbaughism of "class war" used as an accusation against anyone but the victors in that very war (IE, the ever shrinking, but wealthier upper classes) is where you jump the shark and discredit your argument.

Nixon and Rmoney are definitely comparable, in that both are shameless and conniving, moderate Republican opportunists whose tunes changed as needed to fit the times.

Beyond that, Nixon was intellectually cunning and occasionally brilliant as a politician and a statesman.

Time will tell if Rmoney is even good enough a pol to overcome Obama in a deep recession. In the primaries he used gobs of money to build organisation and media campaigns to barely outlast a handful of truly pathetic clowns impersonating presidential candidates. In Obama he will face a stronger organisation also with gobs of money. Can he beat Obama on negative ads, as he was able to in the primaries? It is likely Obama will have an equal ad machine to attack Rmoney and negate that advantage.

As for a statesman, Rmoney will need to get elected first. But he is already painted into acorner of being such a puppet to the GOP elites and the GOP tea party base (which comes with inherent contradictions) that it is difficult for me to see him overcoming his own halfway persona of Wall Street bred and inherited elitism.

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This was one of your better posts in a while (0.00 / 0)
You have surely merited your recent induction into the circle of historic, astute supertrolls as voted on by Meta Magazine.

I look forward to further delightful give and take between yourself and this kid Dustin. It's truly fascinating stuff.

I ascribe to your schtick that Breitbart was more about moving up the internet and cable news food chain than producing authentic news. He was definitely on a similar trajectory to that of successful yet cynical self-serving media numbnuts such as Huffingshite, Moulitsass, O'Rudely, and Limpdick.  

I believe Arianna was all about any publicity is good publicity. And I belive Breitbart was one of the founding fathers of her internet rag. So it's no surprise that Breitbart too would become enchanted with negative press being better than no press. And not surprisingly, that strategy also bit him in the butt. The big difference is that Huffington accepted looking like an idiot (see Clooney, George) in return for millions, while Breitbart didn't realise he was crossing a line that could potentially lead to his personal ruin.

He did seem to have crossed the line with the Sherrod thingie. As someone who'd rather watch movies than follow current events, I am hopeful you and Dustin can do my homework and spoonfeed me the lowdown.

My opinion is that two apparent internet foes (the Nutrooters versus Breitfartians) are actually subconciously working together. Without the other side, no one would care what the other thinks.

Both sides are basically part and parcel of the same racket. They are attempting to create a monopoly on so-called political internet commerce (i.e. donations and selling ads).

They both demonise the other side. They are marketing for naive, but good-hearted people willing to open up their checkbooks.

I exposed the fake left side (see victim Grace, Lori).

Then the fake right co-opted my scoop and hung me out to dry (see Chick, Liberty and Patterico, Freddy).

Your analysis (of Rmoney, Mittster) is spot on. Now if you could keep your yapper shut (see Nader, Ralphieboy), perhaps you will be a shoo-in for Meta Magazine's lifetime supertroll achievement award.


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Not sure why you get all hot and bothered about me debating wingers. I find it rather boring (0.00 / 0)
Dustin's not a bad guy but you know and I know that what Breitbart did to Sherrod was simply deplorable and not defensible by anyone who is honest. And the attack was clearly malicious.

I can admit when leftwing hacks do stupid stuff. Apparently Dustin cannot bring himself to do same when rightwing hacks do stupid stuff. He defends them and manages to continue casting unfounded aspersions on Sherrod, who was clearly a victim and a most undeserving one as it turns out. Except of course she is black and blacks are always deserving of whatever abuse they get from wingnutz.

Here is some funny stuff about Breitbart from someone else he attacked and failed to defeat. Note also in the links contained in the article that some of his researchers stooges, are also laughed at. Y'know, people like the unpaid Mandy Nagy, who apparently toiled for the rich bossman for nuthin.

Welp folks, I'm now a Made Man in the depraved and hilarious world of American Pop Culture-the only World that really matters in this country. Andrew Breitbart, the Brentwood-born West Hollywood princeling, has officially anointed me "Important Enough To Hate." And as far as I can tell there are only two types of people fighting against the human hagfish who dominate this country: Those important enough to be hated by Andrew Breitbart and others in the right-wing media elites, and those we never hear about. Hey folks, I don't make the rules here. Wish I did; wish I could be the guy who decides whether or not those Bircher fantasies about leftwing Stalin GULAGs were turned into reality-but unfortunately, I'm just a guy with a pretty face, and no power-until today, that is, when Andrew Breitbart titled me.

Andrew Breitbart's attack on me is his way of saying, "Hey, Mark Ames, I don't like your devastating exposes on the billionaires whose shoes I shine with my tongue, and with pleasure too!" But it's also more than that. See, when it comes to investigative journalism and having an editor's nose for "The Story," Andrew Breitbart can run with the best of 'em. Which is exactly why he sicced his ace cub reporter on perhaps the greatest unsolved mystery of our time: "Who Is Johnny Chen?"

Last autumn, Andrew Breitbart picked a fight with me. Breitbart bragged to the world about how he was going to destroy me. Breitbart went after me on behalf of the Koch oligarchy, who'd launched a multimillion-dollar PR counter-offensive to smear journalists who investigated them, including Jane Mayer of the New Yorker. Breitbart got the contract on me, and he had no doubt in his little pea brained mind he was going to destroy me. Breitbart was so sure he was going to ruin me, he bragged about it to everyone. He even told a journalist to tell Taibbi, "Breitbart is about to destroy your former eXile partner Mark Ames." He was gloating in-advance. Then the very morning he attacked me, I hit back. And he tucked tail and fled like a bitch.

Let's be honest: Even when it comes to right-wing hit-men, Breitbart was never that good. Or even interesting. He was a desperate self-pitying hack, a second-rate McCarthyite, his spite fueled by thwarted celebrity ambition. Like Dennis Miller, another failure who found a second life as a Murdoch monkey after getting run out of the Monday Night Football booth as the worst failure in sports announcing history. Now Dennis Miller will never have to face the rigors of free-market comedy competition again; he's now protected by the right-wing, so long as he carries their water.

Breitbart never even rated with a hack like Dennis Miller. He couldn't act; he couldn't write. He could only peddle pro-oligarchy hate with a convincing bloated-faced froth. He performed public executions, ordered by the oligarchs; in his Salieri-like little mind, he convinced himself his PR hit-jobs were performance art. I remember when the right-wing used to produce some really formidable hate-mongers, but Breitbart was a Little Leaguer who lucked into a decadent period on the Right. He only stood out in our time because the American Right is so degenerate and feeble. Breitbart knew it too. An old friend of mine who works in one of the NewsCorp outlets told me that just a few months ago, Breitbart was at the NewsCorp pub across from their mid-town New York headquarters, holding a beer, drunk and sweaty, loudly boasting, "The thing people don't understand about me is-I'm a performance artist. You see? But people don't get that about me, they totally misunderstand me. I'm a performance artist, everything I do is performance art." My friend said it was painfully embarrassing to listen to, typical pampered pretentious Los Angeles male bimbo talk...but coming from Breitbart, you'd expect something more formidable.

So did I, frankly, when I knew he was coming after me. I expected a healthy, long, drag-em-down war with the fat fuck. But as soon as I responded to Breitbart's attack on me, using his goggle-eyed waffengeek Joel B. Pollak (Harvard Law, '99) as his mercenary-as soon as Breitbart saw I hit back, he snagglepussed away, exit stage left. The guys from Media Bistro were as surprised and disappointed as I was that Breitbart pussed out and fled at the first whiff of gunpowder.

Breitbart was not used to people fighting back. A classic coward. A bitch who couldn't handle his drugs, or much of anything as it turns out. And a moron: His attack against me relied on a bitter anti-Semitic felon named Jim Goad, who was jailed for beating up his girlfriend, breaking her eye socket, and biting her thumb. Goad attacked her because she exposed online that Goad had a hair transplant, a nose job... and  she threatened to reveal "every secret in his past: his sexual history [which would explain the homophobia]...and that he wasn't white trash at all." See, Goad, like Breitbart, is also a performance artist, only he pretends he's a Confederate hick. Goad fed Breitbart all of his hilarious smear-material about Johnny Chen, then for weeks trolled me by email and on the site bragging that my life was about to be destroyed.

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I find it interesting (0.00 / 0)
This is a decent opportunity for you to confront Dustin with the truth about Breitbart.

He's sticking to the false narrative. Unlike failreft, I am not so sure Dustin is that closed-minded. But I've never seen him or you duke it out with someone from the other side, where both participants appear sincere.

Perhaps you only wish to converse with folks from the contrarian viewpoint. Perhaps you relate tothe producer in Barton Fink who complained about things being too "fruity."

Kumbaya, my friend. Fruit can be very sweet and enlightening.

And thanks for those links. Those were very interesting.

Though I will add that I don't think the dude should have pissed on Breitbart's grave so close to his death.

Dark comedies can be nice, but only because they tend to be fiction. See Verdoux, Monsieur.

Of course Breitbart was an exploitative, lying dickhead. Doesn't mean I was happy he died. Sure, I didn't know the dude, and many die each day. But he certainly wasn't Hitler.

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More on the Exiled, to which I'm linking because it is also an expose of Russia, Fatherland of the Fake Left (0.00 / 0)

I recall Fairleft once linking to this blog thinking it supported some demented non-point he was straining to make, when even a cursory reading of the article comepletely demolished not only her meagre point but also her entire Fake Left Worldview.

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On second thought (0.00 / 0)
I just read this comment by Dustin.
Why isn't this as newsworthy as the Trayvon Martin tragedy?

So yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. There's no real way to have legit discussions with the net's far right.

Everything to them is some kind of sport to score political points. They must have become utterly confused when Bill Clinton went after Sister Souljah.

The logical conclusion is triangulation sucks, and there's not much hope for this country.

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You aren't thinking. This new and improved version of Socrates is a drag, man (4.00 / 2)
You spent too much time toadying up to these loosers.

Dustin is a nice guy, but so is one of the cops who hauls your ass to jail. Every time, bet on it.

Re-grow a pair dude. Stop wasting your time watching old movies and start socratising. Just aim higher this time.

Go after the PTB, not some two bit blog failures.

[projection alert]

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You're right about most of that (5.00 / 1)
But in regards to movies, I do watch some modern ones from the 1970s.

True is true though. When I first started out, I went after anonymous usernames. Then I realised that was extra stupid and went digging into real names.

Nonetheless, you are astute to point out how much of those including Breitfart and Moulitsass are boring and self-evident as creepy.

If and when I resume socratising, I will take your supertroll advice to heart.

In the meantime, I would like to pay my respect to Mike Wallace. Actually, his untimely death at 93 gives me the opportunity to shove the wisdom of Erich Fromm into the faces of the 95% of Americans who are self-serving Good Germans.

This was a pretty good interview. WATCH IT NOW!

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Wily thread veteran superstar that you are, i suppose you sense that I'm trying toi get a rise out of you (5.00 / 1)
This infernal equanamity of yours is driving me up the wall. Well played, Mr. (Gary US) Bond(s).

Travelling today so following the Masters Guardian live Blog. Not at alll because I follow golf but I just love the witty UKishness on display in the blog. Its worth a perusal when you can manage a few minutes away from the movies.

I'll also tip my bowler in yur direction for describing the C0 something Wallace's death as "untimely." LMAO at both you and the golf coverage.

Who is winning? Haven't the soggiest, old faff.

The 70s were arguably the best decade for modern cinema, certainly Nicholson had a good run. 5 Easy Pieces, Chinatown, Cuckoos Nest and.  Last Detail, made consecutively I believe.

The last of those, featuring the great Randy Quaid in his first role I believe, is the sleeper but a great flick and really more reliant on Nicholson's skillset than the others, especially C town w its classic script and genius direction (albeit by a pedophile) and Nest, which was also iconic before it was even filmed.

60s had some great movies too, including French andd Italian classics.    

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"90 something" meant to say (0.00 / 0)

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Haha, you were a guinea pig for a psychological experiment (5.00 / 1)
There's been a lot of internet chatter concerning your recent abstention from giving out ratings.

So I figured I'd make a post stating you had come up with a good one and see if it would trigger you giving me a holy rating. Yes, the way to get a holy rating from you is to kiss your ass.

I definitely appreciate you giving me a kick in the buster keeston. And thanks for recognising the humour inherent in the phrase "untimely death at 93." Though perhaps you failed to pick up on the other oxymororic line, "modern movies from the 70s."

I noticed Bubba Watson won the Masters. I haven't a clue but am simply delighted. For one, Tiger Woods didn't win. And secondly, anyone with the name of Bubba I assume is a good jake though ironically not a fireman.

I am not pushed to do any more blogging. I mean in regards to full features. But I am still having fun making these thread posts.

I love French movies from the 70s. Good call.

And I saw a good one called Conrack. Maybe you remember it. It was right up your alley. Lots of African-Americans in it. A lot of sticking it to the man.

I didn't like Barton Fink. It was brilliant the first half but it seemed like the dudes who wrote it couldn't come up with an ending, so it resulted in diarrhea of the celluloid.

I'm very picky about cinema. The beauty of that is it appears endless the amount of free stuff one can find on the net. So if a movie's bad, there's no reason to keep watching it.

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Tiger is a great talent but I believe it was the wanton adultery, with the various bimbeaux du jour (4.00 / 1)
Lapping up his swagger that put him in the jungle king frame of mind which keyed his unprecedented success. And his opponents were just as psyched down as Tiger was psyched up.

Babe Ruth, JFK and Ali other examplars of this trait, although it is a potent afrodisiac even for us little guyz who occasionally may have in our own small way pursued similar arrangements, only to end up also crashing and burning at some point.

But as we say in the world of bad golf and excellent illicit sex, "never up never in". Ah, but the price you pay.

You can see it now that Tiger's secret life has been revealed and he is back among the mere mortals like the rest of us loosers who get caught cheating and end up with both a nine iron up our ass courtesy of the wwronged wife and half of everything we own walking out the door with them, the kids, the dog and darling don't forget, here is where you deposit the child support check and the alimony by the 15th of each month. Have a fun life.

From the new perspective you gain in that ass whipping predicament which is even harder to deal with because it is entirely self-created, the bimbeaux no longer seem like such an appealing escape from the drudgery of marriage, in fact in the new circumstances the bimbeaux become the nouveau drudgery and if your juggling 3-4 like Tiger, well, you've created an exponential nightmare As a result of karmic self destruction. Its a tough, lonely place to be and no one course feels badly for you, and you cannot even forgive yourself your transgressions.

No wonder Tiger seems to have lost his love of the game. Or games.

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Can't disagree with you (3.00 / 1)
There seems to be no other explanation for his downfall in regards to golfing. In a different way, some kind of personal failing led to Tyson's demise as the greatest boxer. But substitute rage for sex addiction. Once Mikey went on the meds, he lost the inner will to rip apart his opponents. It also didn't help that his corner used balloons to fix his face when he was getting beat on by Buster Douglas. Let the record show that Tyson wasn't too shabby at the sweet science. He could've been an all-time great. He wasn't all raw power and no skills.

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Hard to say about Tyson. He never had the tough opponent early on, so you are correct (4.00 / 1)
that he basically won the fights before he even entered the ring.

And he had some sex addiction issues to, no?

[projection alert]

But the way he was manhandled by Douglass and also Holyfield, who was much more skilled as a boxer leads me to believe that Tyson is a step below alltime greatness.

Although I wouldn't say that to his face.


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Easy versus tough things to say (4.00 / 1)
Apologies for not being more clear, though I think you understood what I wrote. Perhaps to perform at their historic heights of greatness, Tiger Woods benefited from being an ego-laden sex fiend; Mikey from remaining that mean bastard who raped whatshername and mugged an old lady.

Tiger's kryponite was being publically shamed. He was metaphorically castrated in public. Tyson's kryptonite was perhaps his personal tiring out of being a nazi. [/Godwin thingie]

So at the end when Tyson saod he wanted to eat your children, it was obviously some form of leftover battery juice from when he was great.

I don't think Holyfield or perhaps even Muhammad Ali would have beaten Tyson before his downfall. I think Tyson is vastly underrated as a historically great boxer.

Sure Ali had a gut made out of granite. The key would have been if Mike could've reached his chin. I do concede Ali would have been odds on favourite to destroy Tyson because of his quickness, reach, and overall boxing smarts.

Nonetheless, Tyson wasn't only an amazing brawler. He had that Philly Shell defense and the same manager as Ali, no?

Holyfield deserves kudos. But no way Holyfield would have crushed Tyson the way he did, if Mike hadn't already started his ascent back to humanity.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mike Tyson is now writing poetry while donating time to orphans and senior citizens. If Mike has redeemed himself, I believe it is time for him to be onvited to Dancing with the Stars. Barbara Walters should interview him and then give him a hug.

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Maybe on Holyfield, altho the timing never worked. Holyfield was a natural light heavy (4.00 / 1)
and didn't really add the weight until he got older, after Tyson had already faltered.

Ali was bigger, faster and SMARTER than Iron Mike. Iron Mike had questionable stamina.

Mike couldnt catch him and if he did, Ali was expert at the clinch and hold. Tactically and defensively far superiour.

Holyfielf also tactically and defensively superiour. I saw him fight at 1984 Olympics where he was clearly the class of the field, and got jobbed and disqualified by some neo-stalinist fake left judge ending up I believe only with a bronze. That dude could box.

Tyson is overrated. He was great if he could score a first round KO but if he had to go the distance, as he would have with Ali?

Not a chance.

We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. Also, I think Tyson had Floyed Pattersons trainer, not Ali.

But I could be wong.

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It was Cus D'Amato who trained both Tyson and Patterson (0.00 / 0)
My bad. Once again, I bow to your greatness.

You're also right Tyson would have easily lost to Ali. Though maybe not to the older Ali and obviously wouldn't have to the "older older" Ali whom Leon Spinks and Holmes both pummelled. Maybe a true "what if" fight would be between Tyson and Rocky Marciano, another Brockton boxing legend to go with Marvelous Marvin.

I'm glad you didn't include Sugar Ray Leonard. What a coward. Maybe if he had fought Hagler before he turned 53, he coulda woulda been a great. But he obviously wimped out.

You're also forgetting the great Danny Bonaduce.

Though I'm not sure how Danny Boy would have fared against Michel Brady, the legendary French-American who gave up a boxing career to fulfill his childhood dream of being an architect. And after reviewing the Bonadue-Williams bout, it appears Bonaduce should have been disqualified for illegal blows.

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And don't get me wrong, I love Tyson. Always have and always will. A great, Marvelous Marvin Hagler champ like Frazier and Foreman (5.00 / 1)
but a notch below the alltime greatest such as Ali, Louis, Jack Johnson, Sugar Ray (original) and Duran (in his prime).  

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Great points, but more importantly.... (0.00 / 0)
Is Mike gonna be invited onto the Nancy Grace Show?

Mike Tyson on George Zimmerman: 'It's a disgrace he hasn't been shot yet'

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Well (4.00 / 1)
"So yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. There's no real way to have legit discussions with the net's far right. "

I think the Trayvon shooting is a huge tragedy, but a couple of dozen people are killed every day.

Why is one killing more newsworthy than another?

Well, in Trayvon's case we had this meme that George was a wanna-be cop who shot this kid just 'cause.

And the other version is that Trayvon was a wild hoodlum who jumped George and started kicking his ass.

Both of these make no sense to me.

I think what happened was that George was trying to do some good in his community by reporting suspicious things, and (at least in my impression) he was reckless in how he did so.  By carrying a gun and actually interacting with people he's suspicious of, I think it's nearly inevitable that things will escalate one day.  And so they did.

I suspect Trayvon was scared of George and vice versa, and the one with the gun won the resulting fight.

I'm not sure what the policy change should be for this.  One thing that differentiates me from some lefties is that I don't want a policy change even if there is a problematic status quo, unless the policy change would clearly be way better.  Not just plausibly a bit better, but obviously way better.

I think it's pretty sad that the Trayvon shooting will get more coverage than Fast and Furious's gun-running.  I think a whole host of other prima facie similar crimes (such as the one I linked) will go uncovered because they don't make the policy change argument some desire.

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Good points, Dustin. However... (0.00 / 0)
Team Numbnut members are not from the left other than from a standpoint of marketing a brand. Brad Friedman used to plug Pat Buchanan. Rauhauser is not a lefty and is affiliated with right wing psy-ops who entrapped Manning. He who shalt not be named is a narcissistic, pathological liar.

Look at Huffington and Moulitsas. They are right wingers who also co-opted the left in pursuit of internet revenue.

And I'm very disappointed you have not responded to donkeytale's expose of Breitbart and especially with the Sherrod thingie.

The true left has no voice on the internet, unless you want to count Alex Jones, and uhm, he belongs to your side.

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Alex Jones, LOL. (4.50 / 2)
I actually thought I did discuss the Sherrod thing.  But I'd rather not focus on it.  That's not out of disrespect for you or Donkeytale.  I just don't have it in me right now.

I suspect many could offer a similar 'he's not truly conservative' argument about Breitbart or Beck or pretty much any conservative.  Let alone Ariana Huffington.  And really, there's truth to that.  A lot of people do this as a business model.  I really don't mind too much.  If someone wants to make a living entertaining and opining on the news to a boutique audience of whatever political stripe, fine.  So long as they don't do so maliciously.  I'm not sure how to establish authenticity rules, but it doesn't really matter.

My problem with Brett or Neal or Ron has never been political.  It's their intimidation tactics and crimes that bother me.  I would be as angry... perhaps even more angry, if I thought they were doing this in the name of my political views.  Of course this is why you're so interested in showing they are not liberals.  You want to make clear they aren't doing this in the name of your ideals.

Obviously no one would trust anything Ron, Brett, and Neal have to say, including about their politics or whether the sky is blue.

You have accurately noted how this winds up a lame left vs right fight because of how convoluted the narratives are.  Most people just don't bother sorting through them to learn what's true.

What I care about is making sure the time comes when the story is told plainly for all to understand.

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Yes, you did mention the Sherrod story. We agree to disagree, which is why these (4.00 / 1)
Point counterpoint debates that Socrates loves so much are inherently fruitless.

I say Breitbart's actions were textbook definition of malicious. Even Fox News apologised. Breitbart never truly did, but whatever. He's dead and gone. Great loss for his family and friends, for the body politic and the national discourse, its addition by subtraction, sorry to say. The dude's schtick sucked. Period. He was simply fueling the outrage, the partisanship and the polarisation and he was not doing it honestly.  

Obviously, if you read this blog much, I take huge exception to the same type of dishonest, propagandistic tripe that gets floated from so-called lefties, too.

What I care about is making sure the time comes when the story is told plainly for all to understand.

Wake me up when that time comes, when the story can be told plainly for everybody to understand.

Is there any update on the Worthing warrant for assault?  

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Jane, you ignorant slut (0.00 / 0)
Aaron's assault thingie got nolle prosequied. That's the same thing that happened to mine. I am torn between putting that shite behind me or coming up with a new entry on it.

E.G., the perjurer just got denied yet again trying to get my schtick deleted. That's 25 entries written since November including the Thrilla in Vanilla series. He also included the Poopocalypse and Internet Predator posts focusing in on Rauhauser. Hmmm.

I'm sorry Aaron got entangled into the smear campaigns. Yet as with my own sordid experience, the truth has finally emerged.

I think Aaron called it correctly a few months back when he spoke of the Streisand Effect.

I am actually more interested on a Rauhauser update. He appears to be ignoring a criminal bench warrant out of New Jersey.

I'm not saying lock him up and throw away the key. But a guilty verdict and perhaps six months to a year in prison would be justice. What Rauhauser did to Stack, myself, and others was not free speech. Imho, it was criminal. He needs to be given incentive to cease and desist. A little jail time or supervised probation might do that.

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Great post, Dustin. Thanks. (0.00 / 0)
Yes, it's the part where they have played their games in the name of the left which has ticked me off the most. I'm a believer in taking care of one's own house. Say, instead of being a redneck blah, blah, blah anti-communist, let's make America a fair, beautiful, groovy joint for all to live out our days. Oh my, like how could anyone have said Obama is a socialist?

I've actually seen Alex described as left. Geez, I don't want us to be blamed for things that aren't true. And I don't want jackasses like Markos Moulitsass representing the left, when he clearly originated from the El Salvadoran oligarchy. In 2006 he claimed the CIA as a liberal institution. A true lefty would have never said such a thing.

I suppose the birther shite is a good example for your side. What sincere conservative would want to be linked to that garbage hoax?  

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Etch a sketch (0.00 / 0)
"But he is already painted into acorner of being such a puppet to the GOP elites and the GOP tea party base (which comes with inherent contradictions) that it is difficult for me to see him overcoming his own halfway persona of Wall Street bred and inherited elitism."

You take the intelligence of the voter for granted.  Mitt has shamelessly flip flopped before and he's winning the nomination anyway.  One of the most powerful issues is Obamacare, and the GOP is nominating Romney.  He's going to flip flop shamelessly and I think it'll probably work.

The main issue in this election is probably the economy, and I think that Obama is screwed regardless of the finer points.

"He was 100% responsible for the content he posted. "

While I agree, I don't think he was malicious.  My basis is how he corrected the one major point he got wrong as quickly as he learned it.

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You are right, the lack of political awareness of the average American voter (4.00 / 1)
especially of the blue collar and lower middle class white guy variety has consistently been a plus for Republicans.

But nothing lasts forever.

At the moment it appears Obama is in the drivers seat--the election is his to lose. He is cleanly clocking Rmoney in the pulls and by state it looks even worse in Ohio and the important swing states. Some of this may change with events and circumstances, however with the price of gas already at $4.00 and the economy clearly still in a recession for everyone except the well off, there seems to be a limit to Obama's downside and even a potential upside if the economy improves a bit or gas prices drop a bit.


Rmoney has so much to overcome - the intense need for pandering to his own base which doesnt like/trust him, udder lack of a coherently positive message upon which to build an alternative, but the biggest drawback is personal-- his history as a Wall Street Shark who pays less than 15% of his income which is derived mostly from investments and not working.

He is perhaps the easiest target for a nominee since McGovern in 1972.

And make no mistake: Obama is not the dumb teleprompter dependent affirmative action recipient that the GOP tries unpersuasively to claim. Obama is sharp as nails and personally likeable.

His attributes outweigh his negatives. Can Rmoney say the same for himself? Be honest now....

I know that you will say it is too early yet, etc and that is true. But given that the economy will likely stay about the same, and that the GOP will stay on the same ultra conservative message that turns off more than half the electorate, it is very hard for me to see any significant breakthrough for Rmoney, unless he suddenly becomes the second coming of Ronal Reagan in the next few months.

He's in a box, as is the entire GOP longterm. If he moves to appeal to moderates and independent voters, women and latinos he will suffer greatly from the GOP base, which has clearly moved too far right to be representative of the nation as a whole.

I'm not sure how Obamacare factors into this much. Everybody likes the pieces put in place so far, the dependent children coverage to age 26, the Pre-Existing conditions elimination, the 100% coverage for annual physicals.

And I'm fairly skeptical of the SCOTUS overturning the entire law, as it is strongly backed by, indeed was tailored to please, one of the GOP main constituencies, the health insurance business. Not to mention the pharmaceutical business. SInce the GOP has no popular alternative, the overturning simply hastens the day we have Medicare for all, which is the only rational program, in the final analysis, as proved the world over.

The Ryan voucher plan? Yeah, dude, bring it on and watch the people howl all the way to the polls

If anything, a SCOTUS repeal of the entire bill will benefit Obama. For one, the GOP will then need to come up with a plan of its own, which they havent done outside of destroying Medicare as we now it. Obamacare is actually the GOP health plan alternative to single payer. (SEE Romneycare, SEE Heritage Foundation Individual Mandate).

The GOP rejects itself now only because Obama backs it.

Not only stupid but transparently so.

And please, please, please: by all means make Paul Ryan the Veep nominee. Got news for you: he will sink Rmoney faster than Mitt's own goofy, disconnected rich Wall Streeter persona.

Tell me this: Irresepective of the Obama hate on the right (and fake left) what does Rmoney actually have going for him? SRSLY? the rich white dork vote and the rich white dork wannabees?

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yep (4.00 / 2)
"And make no mistake: Obama is not the dumb teleprompter dependent affirmative action recipient that the GOP tries unpersuasively to claim. Obama is sharp as nails and personally likeable."

I believe all modern presidents are quite smart, and all of them are called imbeciles except perhaps for Clinton.  None of them are brilliant; none of them are imbeciles.

"His attributes outweigh his negatives. Can Rmoney say the same for himself? Be honest now.... "

Obama's negatives include not passing a budget in several years.  I don't think Obama is an effective president.  Fast and Furious is a much bigger issue than Sherrod, Trayvon, or ACORN, but it's not like I think Obama planned to kill hundreds of people in Mexico.  He's just not effective at running an administration full of strong willed jackasses (like any other administration would be).  

"what does Rmoney actually have going for him? SRSLY?"

What does Romney have going for him?  Mostly that he's not Obama.  I believe he will be an average president.  He'll probably get credit for an economic recovery that is organic.  Any real reforms will be due to congress.  I'd so much rather Paul Ryan be the next president.

"Obamacare is actually the GOP health plan alternative to single payer"

I realize that, but it's still wrong.  That Newt or Romney supported a fed ind mandate doesn't immunize it from my wrath.  I have a fundamental disagreement with the federal government having anywhere near that kind of power.  

Health care being lucrative and expensive seems like a problem independent of other issues, but to me it's a problem related directly to progress in medicine.  You can't have one without the other.  So we wind up with a problematic health care system.  You can force it to be cheap by eliminating the progress or the cutting edge solutions... and over time I think that will lead to stagnated technology (think of this as a corollary to adopting hybrid cars, which are expensive and currently in limited supply, but over time more universally available).

Anyway, I'm not really worried about the presidential election these days.  My heart's just not in it this year.

[ Parent ]
Obama can't pass a budget or much of anything else because he is held hostage to a solid block of "nay" (5.00 / 1)
from the GOP, which is historically unprecendented.

The GOP has done everything possible to make sure Obama fails and then tries disingenuously to claim he is a failure.

Enough of the public sees through this gammbit that it doesn't work. It is the obstructing Congress, not the President who gets the lion share of the blame. Look at the favorability ratings btwn Obama vs Romney vs the Dems in Congress and the GOP in Congress.

Its plain that the Tea Party is killing the GOP. Look at their favorables while your at it.

As for brilliance, too soon to make that call. We don't live in an era capable of creating mythological heroes. Everything is 50/50. Thanks to the internet.

Obama did deftly turn the tables on Boehner and Cantor (highly overrated, except as a villain) during the previous Government debt "crisis" when they tried to hold him hostage on funding the government's debt obligations (the majority of the debt rung up during the Bush Admin, btw, which inherited a balanced budget).

This battle was initially trumpeted as a GOP victory, at least by consrvatives, but when the smoke cleared, the domestic programs basically went untouched, especially medicare and SS, and the military budget will have a mandatory axe taken to it if they can't agree in the future.

Next chance at extending the payroll tax cut came around and the GOP Congress meekly agreed this time. That was the sign of who is winning an losing that battle.

And the Bush Tax Cuts are still sitting there, waiting to expire the end of the year. Full disclosure: I believe they should be repealed on the stock market take off if that happens at the first sign of fiscal responsibility in 20 years -- if Obama has the balls to allow it when the GOP again obstructs tax increases for the rich only. A huge ace card for Democrats, who will argue for them to expire on the wealthy only while the GOP will be painted, again and again, as protecting the wealthy and EXHIBIT 1 is: RMONEY HIMSELF!

Yes, Rmoney is not Obama. The problem is he is himself, and that dog won't hunt. He's dead in the car carrier on the roof.


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As for you not meaning much of what you stated: (0.00 / 0)
This is from the lyrics of one of the "stale" songs I posted:

Oh the games people play now
every night and every day now
never meaning what they say now
and never saying what they mean

Written amd originally performed by the great musician and songwriter Joe South.

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Keeley Smith (5.00 / 1)
Keeley Smith was the star of this video and did this bit all the time. She sang well too.

she had an excellent jazz vocal pitch. Still alive, according to the Wikipod. (0.00 / 0)
The bit is lame by today's standards and of course so is Prima, but he was something of forerunner. I think he was washed up until Smith joined his band. Today he is best known as the singing ape in Jungle Book but he had a long, noted career dating back to the 30s on the pop charts and there was nobody quite like him.

He was the epitome of cool to white people in the lameass fifties.

And without the 50s there would be no 60s.

The crossover acceptance of black to white musical culture was the defining connection, altho it was also considered exploitation. Yet, now we know that Elvis learned his moves from Prima and Jackie Wilson once said that no one else would ever admit it but he an entire generation of black performers owed their stage craft to Elvis. And of course, Michael Jackson studied at the feet of Jackie Wilson.

Wilson was also a disciple of Jolsen and even recorded a tribute album to the first American Idol. A white man singing in black face.

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little known factoid (0.00 / 0)
The seminal jazz standard popularized by Bennie Goodman (also on the songlist for Goodman's historic 1938 Carnegie Hall concert) "Sing Sing Sing" was in fact written and first recorded by Louis Prima.

[ Parent ]
In fact, the song appears to have been the show closer. (0.00 / 0)

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Dudetale (0.00 / 0)
Why you replying to yourself instead of Stu?

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Not to toot my own horniness, but the newly revised (4th edition) masterpiece, "Flutter Wings" (0.00 / 0)
is as of this very moment still charting on the MyFDL rec list for the 2nd consecutive day, a personal record and unuusual for a blog where everything pretty much come and goes same day.

Where's the linkie? (0.00 / 0)
And by chance I see you have a new masterpiece here to check out. Speaking of horniness, that babe on the left of your toytube link sure does bring a smile to one's old-video fetish. What a sweetie. Looks like a Frenchie girly.

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Ooops (0.00 / 0)
youtube not toytube. Aaarghhh

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