Eight Counts of Perjury and a Velvet Revolution Conspiracy Bunk Excerpt

by: socrates

Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 17:27:44 PM EST

I hope this will be my last post on this unfortunate situation, until there is an update or resolution from Judge Rupp.

This blog entry will show in detail how Brett Kimberlin lied early and often on November 14th, 2011 after having been sworn in under penalties of perjury.

I've had enough of being this man's punching bag. I do not fear him nor any of his mickey mouse legal ploys.  

Here's hoping Judge Rupp the Magnificent is busy soaking in every nook and cranny from the case #339254 file. The following are what I sincerely believe to be eight counts of perjury committed by Brett Kimberlin on November 14th.

socrates :: Eight Counts of Perjury and a Velvet Revolution Conspiracy Bunk Excerpt
This is what I would like to see happen. At a minimum, I want the judgement reduced to one dollar, with no court costs, and the removal of Jordan's court injunction Kimberlin refuses to accept is meaningless. I never defamed him. He got his chance to supply evidence on November 14th and presented squat. All I have been doing since then is expressing my 1st Amendment constitutional rights. No defaming. No breaking any fictitious interpretation of a sky is blue don't break the law Triple F order.

Best case scenario would be Judge Rupp reversing the default judgement and then the whole case as frivolous. I have provided him with two means by which to do that. Judge Jordan almost did so on Sept. 14th. However, he ruled that since Masachusetts' law allows for rent-a-cops to tape a writ of summons to one's door, that constitutes a legal service. I never saw that summons. But all the t's had been crossed with dotted i's, thus legally it had been delivered. In Maryland that wouldn't have counted. But Jordan was against me the whole way. He wasn't about to use his powers of interpretation to help my cause.

Nonetheless, since Kimberlin has messed up by having the case reopened, I have been able to write up motions pertaining to new discoveries. Massachusetts' service law states that a summons must be served with the seal on it or in the name of our glorious state. I forget the exact wording. The bottom line is it wasn't. Furthermore, Maryland's High Court has decided before not to accept another state's service law, since such "convenient" rent-a-cop procedures violate the 14th Amendment right to due process. We shall see how this turns out. I am not sure if there will be a next hearing, or whether Judge Rupp will simply make rulings without such a hearing.

Without further ado.

Eight Counts of Perjury

Count #1

The only things I actually said below are that Kimberlin has been apparently running confidence schemes with Brad Friedman of BradBlog in order to garner donations, and that BK has been convicted of domestic terrorism. I never said there was clear cut proof of pedophilia or murder.

That being said, his setting bombs did lead to Carl DeLong's suicide, and previous courts have agreed. Kimberlin's failure to pay up to the widow did lead to his parole being revoked in 1997. He didn't get out of prison until 2001. That's a far span of time from thirty two years ago. He was never exonerated for the Speedway bombings, despite that lie circulated through associate Larisa Alexandrovna claiming otherwise.

And Mr. [Socrates] took it upon himself to decide that we were fraudsters and criminals and pedophiles and murderers. And my partner is Jewish, and he made a post that Jews are the scourge of the Earth. And that Jews should die in the ovens. And he has called me a pedophile, a murderer, a fraudster, a con man, a terrorist. I mean the list goes on.

Count #2

Brett Kimberlin, Convicted Terrorist and Perjurer, Accuses Me of Unethical Conduct

Well, the Indianapolis Star thinks you were [a murder suspect]:

When police began looking for a motive in the Scyphers slaying, they found there'd been a recent family clash. Julia Scyphers' daughter, Sandra Barton, had become involved with a man who seemed to Mrs. Scyphers to be inordinately close to one of Barton's young daughters. Mrs. Scyphers told friends she was so concerned that she'd arranged for both of her granddaughters to come live with her. Whether or not Mrs. Scyphers' fears were correct (no charges were ever filed to that effect), this incident led investigators to start looking at Brett C. Kimberlin.

And so did Mark Singer:

Early that afternoon, [Brett] Kimberlin went downtown to meet with Forrest Bowman.  Along the way, he said, he passed a newspaper vending machine and saw the Indianapolis News's proclamation BOMBING SUSPECT IS LINKED TO MURDER.

"I saw this headline about the bombing investigation and I bought a newspaper and started reading it," he told me [reporter Mark Singer].  "I think: Oh, this might be interesting.  And then I read the first couple of paragraphs--about a Broad Ripple business man--and I realize they're talking about me and I'm just floored."

Mark Singer, Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin (1996), page 98.

Me: Well, what I'm trying to ask is what did, is there anything I posted that hadn't been posted before in mainstream media? And what would that have included? Such as that you were a murder suspect in the death of Julia Scyphers.
JJ: Is that a question, whether there were prior posting of allegations? Is that your question?
Me: Is there anything, Yes.
BK: That's never been posted before to my knowledge.
Me: It wasn't written about by Mark Singer of The New Yorker?
BK: Never heard of that.
Me: You never heard of Mark Singer?
BK: I said I never heard that.
Me: You never, you never knew that you were a [BK: I was not] You're saying you weren't a suspect in the murder of Julia Scyphers?
BK: I was never a suspect, no.
Me: You were never a suspect? [JJ: What he said.]

Count #3

Head of Non-Profit Undergoes Actual Waterboarding and Torture; Video on YouTube

WASHINGTON, Nov. 1 PRNewswire-USNewswire -- Is waterboarding torture? Brett Kimberlin, the Director of Justice Through Music, a DC based non-profit dedicated to peace, wanted to know and to show the public actual waterboarding and torture. He therefore agreed to be the subject of a music video featuring various means of torture used by U.S. officials and military personnel over the past few years.

The video was filmed in the winter at an abandoned prison under actual conditions. He told his "captors" not to hold back, and to make it real. The video, now on YouTube at is called "Exile" and it is a scathing indictment of torture and extreme rendition complete with hoods, guns, handcuffs, hanging, deprivation and humiliation. It has been viewed over 20,000 times on various Internet sites since its release a few months ago.

Me: Did you or did you not waterboard yourself as a publicity stunt or for some type of, to make a political statement to the public on a controversial issue?
BK: I didn't waterboard myself.
Me: You didn't waterboard yourself? [BK: No.]


The Wizard of Odd By Massimo Calabresi Friday, Jan. 05, 2007

Time Photo Illustration: Kimberlin:
Chriss Wade for Time; Voting Machine:
Brent Humphreys / Redux for Time

In the belly of the voting-reform movement is a man who personifies this paradoxical lack of credibility in the service of a credible cause. Brett Kimberlin was convicted in 1981 of a series of bombings in Indiana. By his own account, he dealt "many, many tons" of marijuana in the 1970s. Most famously, he is the man who from his prison cell alleged that as a law student Dan Quayle bought marijuana from him. Quayle repeatedly denied the charge, and it was never substantiated. In e-mails and Web postings from Kimberlin's two organizations, Justice Through Music and Velvet Revolution, he intersperses occasionally useful pieces of information about the problems of e-voting with a hefty portion of bunk, repeatedly asserting as fact things that are not true. Kimberlin, in short, is an unlikely candidate to affect an important issue of public policy.

And yet he has. Kimberlin has found a home in the blogosphere, digging up and disseminating an indiscriminate gush of anti-e-voting material. In turn, a loose network of lawyers, congressional staff members and academics have filtered that torrent, verifying and using parts of it for their cause, many of them without knowing Kimberlin's background. Most notably, he played a key, behind-the-scenes role in a Princeton study issued last September that Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute says "caused a significant alteration in the debate" over e-voting. The office of Rush Holt, the leading congressional advocate of reform, has called Kimberlin "influential" in the movement.

Me: Yes, sir. Uhm, do you think private individuals get mentioned, uhm, are you aware of The Wizard of Odd article from Time Magazine on yourself?
BK: Yes.
Me: Do you think this is the type of thing that a private, that's done, type of article that's written about private individuals?
BK: Private individuals get written about all the time.
Me: Uh-huh.
BK: It doesn't matter if you have an article written about you that you're not, that you're a public figure. I'm not a public figure.
Me: Have you, have you emerged as a public player in controversial issues?
BK: No.
Me: Such as election fraud?
BK: No.

Count #5

From a Brad Friedman "article" titled, GOP Tech Guru Mike Connell 'High IQ Forrest Gump...At Scene of Every Single Crime' Say Ohio Attorneys

After last week's presser, Velvet Revolution's Brett Kimberlin sat down to follow up with Arnebeck and attorney/investigative journalist Bob Fitrakis, who participated in both the original '04 election lawsuits and has reported in detail on the related matters continuously since then at the Columbus Free Press.

VR Speaks to Ohio Lawyers About Karl Rove and Election Fraud

BK: Judge, I think he's asking if I've ever interviewed anyone? [JJ: hm-hm] I assume. I have interviewed people, and those interviews are online.
JJ: Okay.
BK: But they're not, there's never a picture of me. I'm just a voice interviewing a Congress member or a lawyer or a
JJ: Are you identified on them?
BK: No.
JJ: By name or anything?
BK: Never.
Me: I think that needs to be verified.

Count #6

StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 2

Kimberlin was paroled in 1994 after serving about 13 years of his 50-year sentence. But when he made no effort to pay the DeLong judgment his parole was revoked in 1997 and he went back to prison for about four more years, released again in 2001.

2004 U.S. App. LEXIS 28795,*
Brett C. Kimberlin, Appellant v. United States Parole Commission, Appellee

SUBSEQUENT HISTORY:   Rehearing denied by Kimberlin v. United States Parole Comm'n, 2004 U.S. App. LEXIS 13886 (D.C. Cir., July 6, 2004) ...


[*2]  The district court correctly concluded that appellant's habeas petition is moot. In his petition appellant challenged decisions of the United States Parole Commission (USPC) revoking his parole and delaying his reparole...

Also, see
KIMBERLIN v. DEWALT 12 F.Supp.2d 487 (1998)

Me: 32 years ago, uhm, would more recently than 32 years ago were you sent back to prison for a parole violation?
BK: No. No. I'm not on parole. You keep telling people
Me: No.
JJ: One second.
BK: He's telling people I'm on parole. I'm not on parole.
Me: I don't know if he's on parole. I apologise.
JJ: You can't talk over each other.
BK: Well ...
JJ: Next question.
Me: More recently than 32 years ago, from your original trial if that's the date you're getting to, were you released
BK: I am not on parole.
Me: Were you released and then sent back to prison for a parole violation for failure to pay compensation to uh, Mrs. Delong, the wife of Carl Delong, who took his own life after those bombs tore off half his body?
BK: No, I wasn't.

Count #7

[email excerpt sent by me to Brett Kimberlin asking him to stop emailing me (January 14th, 2011)]

[email excerpt by me sent to the Speedway Bomber on October 11th, 2011 asking him yet again to stop emailing me.]

[Harassing email sent by Brett Kimberlin to myself on October 8th, 2011.]

Now read what he said under oath on November 14th.

Me: So, uh, let's go with stalking. How, did, did I recently contact you?
BK: Yes.
Me: By email?
BK: By mail.
Me: What about by email?
BK: Nope.
Me: I didn't recently write you an email?
BK: Never.
Me: Did you recently write me an email, after I had asked you not to?
BK: Nope
Me: No?
JJ: He answered no, just
Me: I would like to
JJ: You can testify, when you, when it's your turn to testify. Just ask the questions.
Me: He just per-, I contend that he perjured himself.
JJ: Just ask questions.

Count #8

It is outside of access to open source information to confirm or rebuke Kimberlin's claim of being exonerated for the Speedway bombings. Common sense says that there was never any "double secret" exoneration agreement made between Brett Coleman Kimberlin and the U.S. Justice Department.

You know, I had a fifty year sentence for something I didn't do. And it's been resolved. They, they don't have me on parole. I have no committment at all to that old case....

Me: Uhm, so part of the damage that I've caused you, uhm, you believe is because, are you claiming because I blogged about you claiming you were an exonerated, did you ever claim that you were an exonerated, uh, political prisoner?
BK: I've never claimed that publically.
Me: You, you deny setting the bombs that you were convicted of?
BK: Absolutely.
Me: And
BK: Absolutely.
Me: you admit you weren't exonerated?
BK: Judge, Mr. [Socrates]
JJ: Just answer the question because
BK: Mr. [Socrates] is trying to get into a lawsuit that was filed against the Department of Justice. It was settled in a confidentiality agreement, and I'm not going to discuss it. I'm gonna object.

(later on in his closing statement)

You know, and, and he talks about, you know, I haven't been exonerated. Well, he doesn't know what happened with the Justice Department lawsuit. He doesn't know. But he goes out and says, I know he's never been exonerated and all this stuff. Well, I'm not getting into that here. You know, but I can tell you for a fact and everybody here, I'm not on parole. I had a 50 year sentence. I'm no longer serving that sentence. So something happened, and that's as far as I'm going to go with that.

Velvet Revolution Conspiracy Bunk Excerpt

(pdf) I, Brett C. Kimberlin, under penalty of perjury pursuant to the provisions of 28 USC 1746, declare that the following is true and correct.

This concerned their motion to lift the stay in the King Lincoln case to allow them to subpoena Michael Connell. The subject of this news conference was widely disseminated over the blogosphere, including news that Karl Rove was being targeted as the principal perpetrator in a state RICO claim, and that Michael Connell was a key witness in this claim. VR created the web site as a vehicle to keep people informed, build interest and solicit and receive funds to support the Ohio litigation in federal court. VR has been involved in several other election related lawsuits in the past.

I have received five tips since July 17, 2008 from an unidentified person that I have named "the tipster" and who I will say is "he" in this declaration. He said that he is close to the McCain campaign and that he knows of Michael Connell and details that bear on the King Lincoln Bronzeville v Blackwell case pending in Ohio. Paragraphs 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 below deal with each of those tips.

8. July 19, 2008-You are "right on the money about Connell and Rove stealing the election." However, Rove has protected himself with a go-between, I won't tell you who it is. Connell has been designated a "limited hangout" and the Administration will not protect him. I am not calling you because l want to be a hero, this is something personal between me and McCain. Rove has something on Connell's wife, or at least they can allege that Heather Connell was
involved with some money laundering involving a foreigner (and he used the name Kirby, either as an individual or company). lf Connell does not take the fall for this, Heather will be prosecuted for money laundering. I am going to give you a riddle and Spoonamore should know what it means: McCain is focused on six dot, dot, dot and then dot, dot, dot.

9. July 21, 2008- The go between is Jeff, the guy who runs SmartTech in Chattanooga. He is Rove's secret weapon and he is the firewall between Connell and Rove. Don't get fixated on Ohio, this scheme has ties to Enterprise, Alabama.

10. September 18, 2008- Spoon has "opened a shit storm," but that they "are still doing what they planned." (ie rig the election) Connell is in danger from Rove. Connell will talk if we can get to him.

11. October 1, 2008--People are nervous, Connell will take the fall, the system that Connell created is still in place in Ohio, "They only changed the scenery. Not the stage." Connell has been reading the articles and they are strong.

12. October 22, 2008, Jeff Averbeck has ten teams working under him with a lead person and that each team is assigned a different state. Karl Rove is controlling the entire operation but there are firewalls between him and the teams. The "team leads" are expected to converge on Chattanooga before the election to tweak their election plans. SmartTech receives funds and then divides some of those funds between the teams and these funds are "federal funds." SmartTech has a plethora of front companies covering for these teams but I do not know their names. Some of them are somehow affiliated with or have done work for the Oakridge Testing Facility and the Tennessee Valley Authority. The teams are separate in case one or more gets taken down the others will continue their work.

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New Post As An Addendum To Thrilla In Vanilla (4.00 / 1)
This should allow me to finally put this behind me, until anything new arises.

BTW, your real name appears in your dairy (3.00 / 1)
Does this mean you are now entirely out of the anonymity closet?

[ Parent ]
I'd still like to be referred to as socrates here (5.00 / 2)
But I have been outed. It's been done. I no longer worry about it. Because I did nothing wrong. I don't feel there's anything I should feel ashamed about. I'm not the one who perjured himself in court. Those emails prove he outright lied. And I'm not sure how in the heck he could lie about not having had his parole revoked. And then he expects people to buy into some double secret exoneration for the bombings? I've had enough of that dude terrorising me through the court system. I want the world to know everything about this. I am in complete solidarity with Mr. Porn Dude in regards to giving the middle finger to internet predators such as Neal Rauhauser and Ron Brynaert. I'm trying to stay humble, but the truth is I did something spectacular with my blogging. If there were Pulitzer prizes for amateur bloggers, I deserve it. That Michael Connell hoax is pure rubbish. Brad Friedman of BradBlog is a fraud. Hoaxes got disseminated in pursuit of donations, and I figured out a way to get that information out into the mainstream milieu that got targeted. I'm proud to have contacted heiress Lori Grace and advise her to investigate the Connell Threatened by Karl Rove hoax. I believe that if there is any justice, the default will be reversed and the whole case will be dismissed. Kimberlin should have taken his 100 bucks and court costs and walked away. Now he appears to be in some very serious trouble, while I appear to be home free.

[ Parent ]
Ok, then, Champ, I have no prblem referring to you as Socrates here there or anywhere (5.00 / 1)
but mainly, I'll stop redacting your real name from any cut and pasting I might do, since its a pain in the ass to do so.

Frankly, I've lost interest in the case. Maybe it will revive when something new occurs in court, although thhe Worthing assault charge is more newsworthy at this point. There's a hearing on that on February 8, I believe I read?

Anything scheduled on your case?

I'm going to take a rain check for now regarding the amount of serious trouble Kimberlin faces.

Yes, you should get your injunction removed and your decision reversed if there is any justice to be had in this blighted land, although you may well have to appeal the original verdict in order to get some. If so, I would seriously suggest you find an atty willing to take your case next time. No offense, Perry, but its better/more effective that way.

It doesnt appear to me that BK's allegedly perjured testimony had anything to do with the judgment itself, the decision was based entirely on your defaulting.

BK's alleged pinocchioisms occurred during the damages phase and since the damages were almost nil, you will have a problem showing that his perjury resulted in much harm, unless you counter sue, which frankly I don't recommend in this case. Its clear to me that Triple F didnt really give 2 shits either way, certainly didnt prejudicially side with BK. Its all a matter of you didnt show for the trial. He really just wanted you all to get along and get both of the fock out of his court ASAP.

I doubt that Rupp the Magnificent is spending sleepless nights pouring over back issues of DFQ2, either. I hope at least he will have a clerk consider the motions and read the exhibits file by Worthing and yourself, then do the right thing which would be, IMHO, reversing the original decision and re-assigning all court costs to BK as the unsuccessful plaintiff who brought the matter to court.

He might also admonish, condemn and sanction Kimberlin for clearly SLAPPing people around in the Maryland court, especially if you can establish his connection with Rauhauser, who posted then deleted the SLAPP blueprint on Open Left. Basically, it appears to me that BK has wasted a good deal of Maryland taxpayer money in the achievement of nothing except for wasting of the court's time and resources.

That could be a case strategy to pursue, and a lot of that will depend on the disposition of the Worthing assault case.

I'm thinking R the M may toss the whole thing in the rubbish compactor, shut the case and move on, forgetting either of you ever darkened his courtroom door. You would do well to declare victory and move on with your life, new celebrity in tow,at that point.

Personally, I'd enjoy seeing you move in a new direction based more on social theorising but thats me, and probably not the desire of your adoring fan base, which I note consists of a lot of conservatives, at the moment, who might drop you once this case resolves and you move into other schticks of interest to the fake left.

For instance, could you socratise Marcusian theory for me sometime?

Your recent comment about his meta seemed mailed in and badly wanting for much greater explication.

[ Parent ]
SLAPP linky thingie (3.00 / 1)

According the always authoritative Wikipod, Maryland does have anti-SLAPP statutes on the books.

[ Parent ]
SLAPP (3.00 / 1)
unfortunately, the MD SLAPP statute is weak, in particular for damages.

[ Parent ]
It does seem time to move on (5.00 / 1)
My 15 minutes of zeitgeist fame is probably ending soon. I too am getting bored. There's not much else to say or reveal.

Since Aaron stuck up for me in a non-self serving manner unlike Mandy Nagy, I'm not gonna reveal anything about him I may or may not know. I've already voiced my opinion he did nothing wrong.

The internet is lame, period. Brad Friedman is the only fucker left, imho, who I need to settle a score with. It's like one of those revenge flicks. Like Kill Bill or a Charlie Bronson movie, lol. First there was Hertzberg then Alexandrovna. Then came whomever the fock was next etc., et al, and so forth. Brad Friedman has to be one of the biggest scumbags on the net. It's not about right or left. It's about him being a douchebag fake. And by the way for the record, he leans right.

But the problem is most people are dumbasses. If you tried to explain to them that liberalism is a right wing idea, most of them wouldn't accept it. And I do appreciate your request for social theory. I love that stuff. It made a lot of sense to me in the wayback machine of me life. But I'd have to search through a ton of boxes and find my shite I kept to write it up proper.

Here's the basic point. And it's gonna sound Stalinist, but keep in mind those dudes hated Stalin. The key is one has to be intolerant of tolerance. That's the opposite of fair and balanced which is anything but. All promoting both sides does is reinforce that which is in power. That was the crux crust of Marcuse's pizza point.

You know what I'm talking about. It goes back to Plato's Republic and all the inherent debate in how the fuck are we to set up a better society without being dicks.

But it's not on us donkeytale to create utopia. In fact, I am with you all the way in regards to what the internet represents. It's simply an extension of capitalism with all its warts. I'm sure there's some good lefty stuff somewhere, but unfortunately it's not readily available. The Markos Moulitsarses, Huffingtits, and Bradblahs of the world are the norm not the exception for interet activism, which is to say it doesn't exist.

Those people are con artists. They are the cyber equivalent of the old-school carnival. Maybe my best bet is to contact Lori Grace and ask if she'll help me out. I know where she's coming from. You can't blame her for thinking signing checks could help. I'm not saying I have many great ideas for saving the planet, but if she could help a fella cover some debts, they'd feel like 10 cents to her. Oh well, a boy can dream. Ooh la la.

Yes, this sucker has gotten beyond lame. I've better things to do. I'm not saying it hasn't felt wicked awesome getting the truth out. I may not be into porn like Mr. Porn Dude, so I'm not getting an erection over this, ha ha just kidding, wouldn't want porn people in Guy Fuck masks after me. And that's another thing. What's gonna happen when Anonymous realises there are these dickheads like Neal Rauhauser trying to manipulate them? Fricken, my coming out like this is actually a matter of protection. I'm one of the good guys.

And I'm sorry, but I want credit for scooping this story two years before it hit the right wing Mandy's and rich fat fucks like Patterico. Mandy is not wealthy. Patterico is a wealthy douchebag. All he had to do was loan me a couple hundred, and things might have turned out a lot differently. In fact they would have. I never would have been arrested.

And if Mandy had learned to keep her mouth shut, oh my, she sucks. Sorry it's the truth. And Rona's correct that she stole the scoop. Ok, nowadays there are tons of search hits with me not in them, especially since I had 21 entries deleted.

But back in the day, I was the only one. It was one against a whole army of fake lefties. Dude, that's where the story of me was. Back in late 2008 Democratic Underground. Even before then. As soon as I realised Brad Friedman was a scumbag, I knew what I had to do, and I did it. [/evil laugh]

I see what you mean about how the Speedway Bomber might not be in serious trouble. I think your analysis is spot on.

Dude, you should reread my motion on why the default should be reversed. That to me was well put together. That would be soooo beautiful. The summons was not legal, period. So hopefully Judge Rupp ends this dumbass case once and for all.

I simply decided since November 14th that enough is enough.

So you're correct. We are now in a holding pattern. Maybe I will give the US Federal Parole people a call. I know that sucker got stopped, but I've a few phone #'s I can try.

F is for Fake, donkeydude. People tend to believe what they want to hear. My main message is that the internet has a steep learning curve, and that's how con artists such as Brad Friedman persist. He's a definite dickhead. Total piece of shite. And to make it worse, he's been taking advantage of the other dude who is obviously missing quite a number of marbles. It is extremely difficult to let something slide, even after 32 years, when you see something like the Michael Connell hoax going on in real time. But then again, I have a bleeding heart and don't hold grudges.

The big fuck up on their part was arrogance. They were too incestuous with their relationships.

Alexandrovna to Leopold to Friedman to Arnebeck. Did they really think no one would be able to expose that utter bullshit? I guess they did. It's kind of easy to do when you control the major fake lefty boards. The internet is one big fucking scam. Click on the ads!!!! Donate now!!!!!! They fricken need to just come up with new names and more believable hoaxes, and they can continue. The sad part about this is that the internet may never have the chance to become a steering device for positive social change. That ship hit an I is for Iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the Whiteysphere Sea to become fossilized or wtf.

[ Parent ]
OK, so Marcuse would scoff at the fake left "tolerance" for rightwing dick taters, for instance? (4.00 / 1)
Wow. I didnt watch any games yesterday because there is a definite shortage of Packers after last week's Eli Coming.

But I just heard the replay of the Steven Tyler National Anthem at the Pats game

Whoa. What would Simon say?

I prefer Roseanne, the herstoric troll's version.

I loves me sum Roseanne.

[ Parent ]
Precisely (4.00 / 1)
I've a feeling you are using this idea to scoff at fairleft.

Think of Dick Cheney going on Meet the Press sixteen times to sell the wmd hoax. Only idiots believed him. Unfortunately 90% of this country is composed of idiots.

Moulitsas supporting the CIA is another example. Right there and then his credibility was lost with anyone with even a pea-size of a brain. Many act leftier than thou but are mere pretenders.

Let's briefly look back to Fairleft and his illogical attack on Francis Holland. True leftists are not racist. True leftist bloggers would never have been running interference for Markos Moulitsas.

So yes, this idea of being intolerant of tolerance can be applied to the internet. It means one should ignore people like fairleft, Ron Brynaert, and so many others.

Such people are simply idiotic hypocrites not worth a second of one's time. There are Laura, Deedogg, and quite frankly, the list is pretty long. Supersoling was another dumbass poser. He is not missed by anyone. All those jackasses from Free Speech Zone meant and still mean nothing. People like Mandy Nagy and Patterico- those are idiots, not worth reading. Breitbart is an idiot. Idiots can be found all over the net. There's no need to show tolerance for it. Brad Friedman of Bradblog runs hoaxes. A douchebag like him needn't be tolerated. He is to be ridiculed and then ignored.

[ Parent ]
Well, to be fairleft about it, DP belongs in the rightwing jerkers' circle, too. But to change the subject (4.00 / 1)
Here is the usual donkeytale prescience from 10 months ago now being repeated in Salon yesterday:

D.Tale From March 18, 2011:

Ron Paul equals a spoiler opportunity on the ascending order of McCarthy in 1968, McGovern in 1972, Jimmy Crater in 1976. The times then had a similar desperate feel as today. The Demotards then were hopelessly split between radical and establishment, like the Republicans today. The Republicans are ripe for the radical alternative.

At worst, N-PASLL's [fake leftists] will be tossing a flaming monkey wrench right into the middle of the PTB's 30 years in the making fuck-the-working-class-up-the-ass orgy.

D. tale from August 17, 2011:

The Tea Party is the most extreme movement to have gained traction within The Uniparty since the 1968-1972 Demotards had a radical antiwar/civil rights movement within its ranks, who backed an outsider candidate, McGovern, to topple party boss favourite Muskie (the Romney of his time) on the way to getting trounced by an unpopular incumbent, the Obama of his time, the hated on all sides but the center Nixon.

In 1972, another epic Republikaaner Dick, the ill-fated Mr. Nixon, was the sitting duck, hugely unpopular in general, and even somewhat among his own party mates, for betraying conservative principles by consistently suggesting and signing legislation that had a decidedly liberal bent.

Today, many know-nothings even buy the false, planted internet meme that Nixon was a liberal. Nope. Nixon was a right of center, conservative pragmatist, who presided over one of the most, if not the most, liberal Congresses in US history. Big, big difference there, which has been almost entirely lost in the fake history that is  today spewed across the Googlesphere, in this, the age of the info boob tubes.

Barack Obama is also a pragmatist, slightly left of center, presiding over one of, if not the most, conservative Congresses in US history, who has repeatedly angered his liberal base by suggesting and signing legislation that has a decidedly conservative bent.

Both men were eminently beatable at this stage of their respective re-election campaigns. Nixon was a polarising, viscerally hated figure among the New Left, just as Obama inspires insane rage among tea partiers today.

Yet, when faced with a choice between McGovern and Nixon.....well, you all remember the result. 1972 represents the beginning of the end of four decades of liberal political hegemony in the US. It has been all downhill for pwoggie political power ever since.

In 2012, we are once again in crisis after three decades of conservative political hegemony.

Will herstory repeat beginning in 2012, albeit in inverted ideological fashion? Will we witness the richly (pun intended) deserved beginning of the self-destruction of conservatism through the nomination of a lunatic fringe backed freak?

Or will the rightwing circle remain unbroken in 2012, finally completing the neo-Nazification of Amerikkka that began with Nixon?

Yesterday in Salon, an article entitled "When a Party Flirts with Suicide":

Democrats had a similar experience in 1972, when George McGovern took advantage of new party nominating rules that he helped write, which placed more emphasis on state primaries and caucuses. This was the year the Iowa caucuses were born, and McGovern became the first candidate to receive a bounce from a "better than expected" showing in them. The same thing happened in New Hampshire, giving the insurgent South Dakotan momentum that lasted through the spring primary season, from which he emerged with just enough delegates to secure the nomination. But his antiwar politics and army of young, culturally liberal backers alienated the party's old guard and gave the Nixon campaign ample ammunition for the fall, leading to an epic landslide.

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Politics is boring or depressing (5.00 / 1)
Obviously we are living in some kind of Matrix-like movie, where Ronald Reagans and Richard Nixons get elected to two terms.

McGovern seemed to have been a good jake, and Massachusetts was the only state to vote him in. Gotta love us for that.

DP is what she is. She's a minimalist. I tried to chat her up yesterday. It simply ended. Some people don't know how to socialise or have a decent conversation. She isn't called a minimalist for nothing to conserve space.

And as for your prescient presciencness or wtf, I believe there was an article written well before the last one. Here's a snippet.

Th Dolphins had a similar experience, when Don Shula took advantage of new football rules that he helped write, which placed more emphasis on the field than on the pigskin. This was the year Dancing with the Stars was born, and Shula became the first member of the rules committee to receive a bounce from a "better than expected" showing in them... But his anti-rushing defense and army of young, offensive linemen alienated the NFL's old guard and gave the Shula campaign ample ammunition for the Winter, leading to an epic landslide in the Super Bowl.

There's nothing new under the sun.

Actually, the most prescient you probably ever were was with your not doing private messages schtick. That has got to be the most annoying aspect of it all. People like Ron Brynaert, Mandy Nagy, and many others are too quick to be posting and sharing what should be private info.  

I'm so ready to ignore that whole story. It has gotten utterly boring. Either show the full swatting reports, or I don't care. Especially Patterico's. Cough up the story, rich white boy prosecutor bitch.

Ron's spreading bullshit that a punch was thrown on that Aaron thing. I don't believe it. Though if anyone deserves a punch in the face, it would be that perjurer claiming I said Jews are the scourge of the earth and should be put in ovens. FUCK HIM!!!! He's lucky I only gave him the Johnny Cash finger.  

The more I think of it, he should go to prison. Hey donkeytale, get on the phone and investigate that parole schtick. It can't be that difficult. I'm sick of doing all the heavy lifting.

If you want top of the zeitgeist status, you're gonna have to start earning your keep. I'll have no more of thses shenanigans.

And now we present Tweet of the Week brought to you by the smooth, tasty, yet crunchy Nabisco cracker products. When you get the munchies, Nabisco hits the spot without rubbing it out.

@ronbryn Your twitter page could be an anti-drug ad.

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Doesnt Nabisco make Oreos? Now, thats what Im talkin bout. (5.00 / 1)
Ebony and ivory.

Or wtf.

Politics this cycle isn't all that boring. We are in a transitional period btwn zeitgeists. Here is my latest prediction:

There will never in the history of the world, anywhere anytime be a national leader named "Newt Gingrich."

Just aint gonna happen. We'll elect a black porn queen under an assumed name "Latosha Starfucker" long before we elect some saggy ass white bitch named Newt. I know I am not alone when I say can hardly wait for the culling of saggy assed white bitches named Newt to become permanently culled from the herd.

Or Mitt, for that matter.

Should be completed about 2086, altho the GOP will die out well before then. Like by 2022.

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I see I became a bit overzealously redundant with the word "cull" (4.00 / 1)

Could I have a glass of white chocolate milk to go with my Oreos, please ma?

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you must enter a subject for your comment (5.00 / 2)

But we did elect a guy Barack Obama.  I mean, if you toss in the middle name, I think some pundits find that interesting.

The fact is, the next president is going to be Mitt, Newt, or Barack.  It's hard for me to believe, but that's the truth.

And Mitt's first name is Willard, which doesn't help.

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Cant disagree with you. You have a choice between a Mitt a Newt or a Kenyan anti-colonialist communist who also as it happens (4.00 / 1)
Mirrors the Bush Administration wrt Wall Street and foreign policy.

The GOP could have had it a lot worse since 2009.

But cmon Dustin. I'm white too. I live in Texas for goodness sake. Ground zero of the conservative backlash against reality. The delusional and futile whininess emanating from certain caucasian chalk circles, as manifested by the Newt and his phony attempt at teaparty populism is truly disgusting, if unlike most of the country you aren't thoroughjy entertained by its cynicism and udder lack of charm. As a self-respecting American if not a Republican you should at the very least demand a better puppet show from your party.

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That's a good point, Dustin (0.00 / 0)
Man, that was a strange election year. As a leftier than thou, I liked seeing women and African-Americans breaking barriers.

The current problem for the Republicans is they have come up with squat for a nominee. There's no one in that field with a chance. I am not a big Ron Paul fan, but you needed someone like him. He could have possessed the Scott Brown factor.

People wouldn't necessarily be voting for Ron Paul as much as they'd be ousting an incumbent via the "protest vote." Brown didn't win Massachusetts. Coakley lost.

Gingrich and Romney are old-school dickheads. When a dickhead tries to unseat a dickhead, the incumbent dickhead wins 99% of the time.

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I see the (5.00 / 1)
hate directed toward Obama.  From my friends on the left because of his Centralist, moderate policies on a wide range of issues (no big surprise, really) and even more so from my friends on the right.  The rightwingers make claims to justify why they hate him (none of which are reality based), it really is racism and stupidity.

I was not surprised he was not challenged from the Left, but what really surprised me was that the Republicians have decided to not challenge him at all.  Newt?,  Williard?, really? wtf? That is conceding the election without a fight, the only question is margin of victory and if a wave knocks out congress critters and state politicans down ticket.  Maybe the powers that be have decided they had to do this to bring the teabaggers in to line.  Let them be slaughtered one good time and force them to crawl back.  But we shall see.  Got to order much popcorn for this.

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You make good points, almost profound points (5.00 / 1)
Yet no cigar. For this political cycle like so many before is an el stinko.

What part of Jesse's "Keep Hope Alive" schtick don't you get. There's no more hope. I don't even think that tv show Chicago Hope is on the boobs tube anymore.

I can't believe I forgot to mention GW Bushface. Not only did that administration fuck us up beyond repair, that had to be the ugliest ruling dynasty in World History.

I liked Oreos too. The munchie you have to try is Chex mix dark chocolate.

But that's probably the last ye hear of my product placement schtick. I usually put those suckers away. My audience doesn't much appreciate repetitive schtick schtockings.

Mitt should be ok. He's white, dresses nice. For a Mormon, he hides how spooky his religion is. And he only made 42 million the last couple years.

That's peanuts for fatfucks.

As for Newt, he won't get elected because he looks like a gerbil and smells like Dick Cheney's armpits.

Uhm, I believe the Obama hate crowd is not much different in hype from the Ron Paul love train. Paul isn't that popular, and Obama isn't that disliked.

The GOP are clearly the party of the rich. Since they are dying out do due to a numbers game, the Demotards are moving in to pick up their shitlings.

We as a country are doomed. People are too stupid. Good, smart people have no chance to be elected into higher office. Capitalism is a racket.

Even on local levels, most people are garbage sell-outs.

People can't handle the truth. Think about it. GW Bush and Cheney and all the other utter scumbags from 2000-2008? And Republicans are to blame. They wouldn't cut Bill Clinton a break. They were the assholes who wouldn't cross party lines, because Clinton cheated on his wife. Balancing the budget, getting interest rates on the road to respectability, lowering unemployment, who needs those when you can just whine about how much liberals suck?

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Forgot to add that MAMZ's content means nothing to me either, unless if involves you or Errin F. (5.00 / 1)
E.F. was the dude that wrote the epic "Delete My Account Now, MMAMZ!"

And then came over and chatted for a few days at the late great Brian Nowhere's blog. Nowhere had a home made software that was pretty soapblox-like, superiour in some ways.

But it had a few security holes, apparently. After we started trolling DKOS like motherfuckers these users showed up, pretty much said they were about to hack the site and Brian was forced to go offline for a few days to clean up various infections.

This was right after I was banned at Booman's altho I dont even remmeber anymore when that was.


Brian Nowhere reuled. He probably still does too, somewhere, probably offline. He had a style about him. Like Howard X and you, we worked pretty good together as a comedic duo.

But I think I may have cured him of blogging for all time when I suicided my account. It was epic. He wrote a bittersweet obituary, then went on vacation, handing the controls over to some dipshit known as commons3nse.

Who proceeded to post a series of like the worst pwoggie bloggie cliches imaginable at the time, such as a Tom Tomorrow cartoon, some Olbermann schtick from the previous night's "Countdown," and when Brian came back he just goes, "stop posting this crap dude, just stop it" and then whitewalled.


Ah, but thart was a great blog for a few moments, the absolute height of MAMZ meta for all time.

Look up the "Delete My Account, Kos" schtick if its available, I think it was deleted, but it may be in the wayback somewhere.

As for my almost good points, I didnt say this cycle doesnt stink (it stinks more than ever) nor did I say that this nation isn't going down the shitter (thats been the basis of my entire schtick for at least a blog generation, or 5) I just said it wasn't all that boring.

Surprisingly decent commentary from you, tho, I have to admit.

Maybe there actually is a career in 3rd rate whiteyspheric amateur political punditry within you after all.

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That's the closest I get to political blogging (5.00 / 1)
I've scene seen that Delete My Account Now schtick. There's nothing like that going on nowadays. What I have noticed is more DKos links that turn out to be sorry you're not allowed to see that. While Democratic Underground whitewalled plenty of their past threads. Their explanation is they have moved on to better software and will no longer be supporting the past. Anyone who deliberately whitewalls is full of shit and has something to hide. DU also has some new kind of community moderation in place. Fuck them and their bullshit. DU and DKos take themselves far too seriously. They suck. They are donation rackets. They got busted. Now nobody gives two shits about what goes on at those boring websites.

Yeah, I looked into the Brian Nowhere Era. That looked like some definite good fun had by all.

That's funny what you say about commonsense or whoever took over. I tried that once, and you justly took me out to the woodshed for a beating. No one likes predictable, mailed in entries.

Speaking of which, it's ok to do that if the stories are being underplayed. My new one is decent because it cuts to the chase and even makes a grandiose big picture analysis of the culture industry.

My schtick on Amanda Knox worked because of the title. Italy requesting emergency aid for egg removal from nation's face. That's good stuff cheap.

Uhm, I'm done. I'm done. Uhm, ah, ugh, argh.

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Well, the truly awesomest part about commonsense schtick was that he went on a lengthy harangue about me (after I suicided) and how he had a formula (3.00 / 1)
for being an issues relevant and also entertaining blogger, which he explicitly said that I was not.

Then he proceeds to post his vanilla ice milk Tom Tomorrow/Olbermann dipshittery to the FP.


The only time I recall taking you to the woodshed was when you quickly posted some totally out of character Youtubeage about human rights abuses in Nigeria, or WTF, that knocked my truly masterpieceful "Flutter Wings" off the top of your front page. I had intended to award you exclusive rights, too. But once you did that, I came home to Mother Laura.

Of course, you had never before and certainly havent since followed up on the African slaughter story, so y'know, case closed.

[ Parent ]
Well, I'm not about to get my panties in a bunch (5.00 / 1)
I had a close friend during my college days who came from Nigeria. I may have not done an update, but it's not that I stopped caring.

But you are correct that was the blog entry I was talking about in regards to the wood shed.

Ha, funny you mention the Tom Tomorrow schtick. BradBlog used to put those up.

I too went with an Olbermann schtick back in the day. Then a few things happened in which I was able to shed my allegiance to the Olbermann cult.

One, my right wing bro was getting into him. The light bulb turned on. Olbermann had become left woos right.

Then he had some schtick lambasting Hillary Clinton for saying something about something could happen in terms of delegates and the convention, and she brought up what happened in 1968 with Bobby Kennedy. I could see that Olbermann was no different than any other slob willing to take something out of context in order to increase cable tv hits. As a leftier than thou, if there's one thing I hate worse than hypocrisy, it's insincerity.

[ Parent ]
The Flutter Wings comment thread is pretty good, IMHO. (5.00 / 1)
I never was much of an Olbermann fan, and I remember him way back in the 80s when he did the local sports news in LA.

The few times I saw his MSNBC schtick I thought it too fast paced and lacking in timing. It all swept by in utter forget-ability. Boring, might be another term for it.

Politics aside, frankly, as TV schtick O'Reilly does it better, and even moreso with his brand of hypocritical insincerity IV drip attached.

FWIW, KNBC LA channel 4 used to have the greats come through town as local news talking heads back in the day (1970-80s), including Bryant Gumbel on sports, Tom Snyder lead newsman (the best alltime IMHO), Brokaw, too. In fact, they had Brokaw for an hour at 5 followed by Snyder for an hour at 6. By the time they got to Chet and David, I was already too high/drunk to care wtf was going on in the world at large, but I loved me sum local LA newsschtickers.

I guess Channel 4 was the AAA farm team before they move up to the national network schtick.

Whatever, on your Nigerian friend, or wtf. No need to explain or take offense or bunch your panties...

As an artiste I can never truly forget the short shrift you paid my masterpiece, but I wrote it off long ago as simple petty jealousy on your part in regards to my awesome talents.

I don't post to your FP anymore anyway, so its all water under the portapotty at this point. You brought it up, I;m just schticking with it as a true professional.

Thanks for giving me the opp to re-post my timeless classic for the newbies and the fence sitters.



[ Parent ]
Yeah, donkeytale (5.00 / 1)
I also gave you another opportunity for schtick theft. Hmmmph!

Nebwies and fence-sitters is mine! I'm kidding. Schtick theft is fun.

I've an important update at DFQ2. Methinks someone who shalt not be named is out of options.

I wish I had more time for kibbitzing. Thanks for your time and consideration.


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Obviously I like those guys (5.00 / 1)
stipulate that I disagree with you on a lot of that.


Ron's pal made that story up.  They are not making these accusations to actually prove them in court.  They just wanted your/my/their name.  The legal claims were of secondary or even no importance.

I don't think there's any way to stop outting from happening.  If someone is willing to go as far as they are, there's no defense.  So hopefully people are still willing to stand up to cretins despite this, but that would be very brave.

Now Ron's talking about my dog, by name. Creepy little bastard.  I guess the intent is to provoke me.  

Anyway, do whatever you can, legally, regarding the perjury issue.  Just do your best, and if that doesn't land Brett in prison, well, it's not like the prosecutors were able to keep him in prison for blowing people up.  If I were the judge, this would be a lot simpler.

I'm worried about these people who have been terrorized.  Their blogging habits are not a priority.  That isn't even on the radar of what's important.

[ Parent ]
Dustin's correct- This is about outing names and terrorising people into silence. (5.00 / 1)
Here's the latest from the case record page.

01/17/2012 Docket Number: 127
Docket Description: MOTION, UNSEAL CASE
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Plaintiff Status: Open

Docket Date: 01/18/2012 Docket Number: 128
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Other Status: Open

Docket Date: 01/24/2012 Docket Number: 129
Docket Type: Docket Filed By: Court

Methinks this shows someone's chain is being yanked. Maybe I missed it, but it appears Aaron's name has been removed from this page. The M.O. appears to be to make it legal to out him. Because the thing has been changed from the Plaintiff saying this is moot to his wanting that name out in the open.

Yep, Ron is in bed with Neal. Ron is either insane or paid to look insane while garnering attention to their spin.

I would not be surprised if Ron and Neal are on Spy Factory career paths.

Francis Holland's Opus is making more sense by the day. The fuckers that be want to control the internet. C. Wright Mills spoke of an Iron Triangle. I wrote it up as incestuous relationships. So you basically get some hybrid of an oreo combined with reeses and every variety of Dorito and mix in salsa and avocado. Thus, it becomes blurred who is a capitalist pig, who is an informant, and who are the authentic regular guys.

I advise people ignore Ron, Neal, Qritiq, and every other shithead who makes it clear they have nothing to ever add to anything truly to do with social reality.

I hope the default is reversed. It should be. The summons was made with the Maryland seal or name not that of Massachusetts. Going by Maryland law, the summons was never legit. This is Judge Rupp's chance to make legal history.

The perjury charges don't have to stick to make this story just. The truth emerging would be fine and dandy as is.

You are definitely correct that the primary motive is to provoke. The dude going after me, imho, is getting his chain yanked for others' goals. He doesn't realise he's been thrown under the bus.

If Judge Rupp doesn't feel the default can be reversed, I hope he at least tosses out the damages and court costs to go with that meaningless Jordan injunction. Get rid of the latter, and there's nothing at all left for my harasser to use to keep reopening the most frivolous civil case so far this century.

[ Parent ]
of curse (3.50 / 2)
it was Sirhan Sirhan, the pal Arab imperialist, who radically changed history on a dime by assassinating RFK. That horror, that calculated cold blooded murder, that dastardly deed, that malfeasance, led to Nixon's initial electoral victory ushering in the calamitous, devastating and ruinous conservative era.

Who got their training as Nixon's stooges? Bush I, Cheney, Rumsfeld, to name a few.

Sirhan Sirhan is the root cause of all of today's societal problems.

It's mind bending to think that one pal Arab imperialist ahole assassin could affect history so drastically and so negatively.

Sirhan Sirhan has cursed his "people" for a thousand years!


[ Parent ]
and to think, we had the man who changed history (3.50 / 2)
Blogging at PFF.

How could Peeder shut it down?

He, too, cursed his people the whiteysphere for all time.

I wonder if that restaurant he was always on about ever made it? Considering the depth of the recession in Californiadise my guess is : doom!

Serves him right to suffer.

[ Parent ]
I'm not trying to out Peeder (0.00 / 0)
But I do recall he had his real name on a twitter account. Haha, maybe Peeder was Shadowthief! Because my theory is Anonymous Army-Number 5 was Shadowthief, and AA was in the restaurant business.

[ Parent ]
I don't believe Peeder was a restauranteer by background. He was the programmer (3.00 / 1)
who invented MAMZ's software, or something. Or wtf. I scarcely paid any attention to that schtick. MAMZ's hardware and his software mean nothing to me.

Peeder's probably already out. I'm pretty sure he is. He had little to hide anyway, being that he was pretty much a centrist social libertarian type.

Very smart dude, tho. He harnessed troll power like few others before or since. If troll power were actual energy we could have powered a city the size of Cincinnati.

I believe the restaurant was a vanity project, mainly an excuse to get away from the Troll Hordes. But, actually, I'm not really sure.

Denali was more into Peeder. Maybe he could come along and chime in,if the original doesn't care to speak for hisself.

[ Parent ]
New Speedway Bomber motion (5.00 / 1)

To me, this appears to be all about outing Aaron. And then why would folks want to do that?

It's simple, imho. The Indict Team Breitbart hoax has fallen flat on its ugly face.

Team Numbnuts is all about gathering real names to promote their schtick. Mandy and Patrick Frey have never hidden their names, and it'd be a tough sell to turn run of the mill wingnut bloggers into some cabal spin.

I have cleared my hame. The porn dude has cleared his own name. So I think the bad guys are looking for new material. That is coming in the way of a humble attorney who goes by the pseudonym of Aaron Worthing.

Do I agree with anything Aaron posts on politics? I'd have to say next to nothing. But I'll say this. I think he's the only one from Team Breitbart that actually cares in an altruistic manner what was done to me. Mandy and Patterico appear to always filter shit through their wingnut angle. The reason why I am the toast of the internet is because of what I came up with on Brad Friedman. Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey don't truly care about me. I don't think they ever did. Mandy wanted inside access to the supertroll in the middle of all the festivities. That's me. But she never gave me credit for my overall scoop. Patrick Frey gave me that credit.

However, when I needed him to loan me a few hundred bucks to get down to an August hearing, he kept his money bags in his pockets. I would've paid him back. It was only a few hundred bucks. If he had done so, I'd never have been illegally detained and treated like a convict. Mandy would later rat me out for a non-crime. She gave Kimberlin information he parlayed into hurting me. If she hadn't done so, I never would have been arrested.

While the two attorneys knew what I had said wasn't a threat, especially when I wrote them all back within hours saying it wasn't a threat, Mandy the self-serving wingnut felt otherwise.

Thankfully for me, this thing is winding down. There is still more to come, but now I am more able to kick back like the rest of ye and watch while scarfing down yummy, mustard-flavoured popcorn.

You're out of the woods, eh? (5.00 / 1)
Worthing's already outed isn't he?

And there is also still the matter of his allegedly assaulting Speedy with a well-deserved SLAPP to the mug?

Is there a court date set on the assault charge, Champ?

I agree that Worthing did yeoman work in helping your case. Absolutely, no question about it.

Methinks you are overreacting a bit to Frey and Liberty Chick, although I agree that you were used in the process of their agenda. Welcome to Amerikkka, where if you aint been exploited by somebody you aint really lived yet.

Credit where due, however, patterico and LC both helped greatly in spreading your internet fame.  I know that whining is part of your charming schtick, so whatever.

Is there a date yet to consider your motions in the matter before Rupp the Magnfico?

[ Parent ]
Yes, I appear out of the Tiger Woods (5.00 / 1)
If you read through my new thingie on the family court peace order flop, you'll probably see what I mean.

I think Aaron's thingie is scheduled for the 13th. I also somewhat recall Dustin posting somewhere that there was no basis for the complaint. Basically around the 14th or 15th, we should get the good news on that one. As for Rupp the Magnificent, he hasn't set a new hearing date. I haven't a clue. Like yourself, I now pop in to the case file page every once in a while for a looksie.

I have to make an open comment to Team Numbnuts: The more you try to intimidate folks to keep their yappers shut, the more we speak. Just look at how myself and the porn dude have double-teamed ye into utter embarrassment. Youse fockers think free speech is only reserved for youseselves. Your propenstericity for being triple f's has brought about your own downfalls.

Yep on the three Team Breitbart members. I'll take your advice and put a gag order on my dissing of two of them. It's one thing to say something once or five times. After that, one jeopardises running into thou dost protest too muchy much much territory.

If I had the time, I'd embed a video for Aaron, the Bette Midler tune Wind Beneath My Wings.

[ Parent ]
Rated holy for two reasons. (0.00 / 0)
1) Great tune 2) It probably has Laura seething about you posting yet another video from about 40 years ago. She needs to get over herself, just like Team Numbnuts.

[ Parent ]
Yo Donkeydude (0.00 / 0)
A new entertainment blog has been set up, and your participation is encouraged. If you do partake, please sign in with your blogger account.

Here's the link. One other thing, when plugging this url into your navigation box, make sure to include the www part. It's some sort of glitch.

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